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My Criss Angel MindFreak Experience

As I mentioned in my previous post, Revelations, I filmed an episode of the Criss Angel show; a show on A&E with new episodes premiering on May 31.  Here is the full and complete story of how I ended up on this show and its impact on my future as a psychic medium.

Keith’s Message

On April 16, Steve and I were sitting on the bed together when a spirit came through to Steve with a message for me.  He said, “Tell Erin we want her to go to the haunted house.  We know she is afraid of seeing scary spirits, but tell her that by shutting herself off from seeing the negative she is also shutting herself off from seeing the positive.  We want her to have a reaction, not a pre-action.”  There was a little bit more to the message, but that was the crux of it.  We didn’t know what he meant by a haunted house, but we figured it was a metaphor and the message meant they wanted me to be open to seeing spirits.  I filed it away for future reference.

First Contact

On April 19 I got an email from a woman named Jen who used the contact form on one of my other sites.  She said she needed to speak with me right away about filming an episode of the Criss Angel show.  I called her up and she said they were looking for a medium who was willing to be filmed walking through a haunted house so they could record her reactions for the show.  They were also flying in a Paranormal Investigation Team that would go around with the psychic medium.  I told her that although I’d had many psychic experiences and was just beginning to be able to see spirits I wouldn’t call myself a medium. She encouraged me to give it a shot.  I made it very clear to her that I couldn’t promise anything but that I was given a message three days earlier about a haunted house and felt that this was indeed something I needed to do.  I sent them a little 3 minute mpg of me speaking and they told me I was in!


I decided I needed as much practice before the big day as possible.  I was on my way to Los Angeles for my dad’s 70th birthday party so I did readings for as many people there as I could, and a few old friends as well.  I was able to connect with many deceased relatives and that boosted my confidence.  Next it was off to the mall with my sister and my sister-in-law so they could help me find an outfit that would look good on camera (I have no skill when it comes to fashion).  I was also told by Jen that we’d be filming in Death Valley in 107 degree weather!  Yikes!  So we had to find something that would keep me cool but not be too casual.  It took 7 hours to put together 2 outfits, but we succeeded. 🙂

The Morning of May 2 – Filming Day

I was feeling so nervous about putting myself on television in front of 1.7 million people as a psychic medium.  I tried to find ways and reasons to wiggle out of going to do the show.  But every time I tried to “get away” the spirits sent me a synchronicity and encouragement that this was indeed going to work out well and not to be afraid.  The morning of the show, I did a channeling with my spirits and this is what they told me:

“Sweet Erin.  Do not fear.  We are with you on this morning and shall be with you all day long.  Things will proceed very smoothly, and you’ll be amazed at how easily you are able to feel the energy in the various rooms you’ll be going to.  Listen.  You will hear.  We will raise your vibration so that you can tune in to the energies there.  We have given you a glimpse of what you’ll see, but remain open for there are many experiences you could have there if you are open to them.  Don’t be afraid to feel.  Don’t be afraid of dark forces.  You will be safe.  Open yourself fully, call upon us to guide you and we will move you towards the appropriate energies.  We are very excited for you.  Breathe, relax, bring the light into you, let it shine on the energy there.  You are ready for this.  You are there to help.  The living and the deceased.  Be safe.  Know that we are with you in love and in light.”

Danny the Camerman

While I was visiting Los Angeles I kept getting an urgent message from a spirit who said she had a message for Danny the Cameraman.  I assured her that if the camerman happened to be named Danny that I would give him the message, then I asked if she could leave me alone until then.  I found out later that when a deceased spirit knows I’m going to be seeing their living loved ones, they will come to me ahead of time and start giving me messages for them.  I’ve since read that this happens to John Edward and John Holland (both mediums). 

On the day of filming I was to meet the production assistant at a local hotel where we would then leave in a 15 passenger van to go out to Death Valley.  The Paranormal Investigator Team from Arkansas, the NWA Ghost Connection, walked in and I was immediately drawn to one of the five who I sensed had a heavy weight he was bearing, and even some sadness and sorrow.  When he introduced himself to me, I got pale.  He told me his name was Daniel.  I just stared at him in awe and said, “Um, I think I have a message for you.”  He was as freaked out as I was.  I told him when we had some time later to go somewhere private that I would share the message I had for him.  As it turns out, Danny is the one who holds the camera for the team and does the filming as they investigate.  Thus the “Danny the Cameraman” connection!  I had been expecting the cameraman reference to be the Criss Angel cameraman.  I also found out that only people in his immediate family called him Danny (which made sense later since it was his recently deceased grandmother I was getting the message from).  More about Danny and his reading later…

The Amargosa Hotel and Opera House

Our destination was the Amargosa Hotel where Marta Becket, in her 80’s, still performs on stage every Saturday.  Cameras were rolling the moment we pulled in, which freaked me out a little.  But we went inside (no air conditioning in this hotel!) and had a quick bite to eat.  They put a microphone on me and a couple of the members of Ghost Connection.  They filmed us walking through the main hallway of the hotel where the rooms were.  It was in room 3 that I got my first sensation.  There was a heaviness in there, like static electricity.  I felt like I was being pushed out of the room, like whatever was in there simply didn’t want us there.  Lori, one of the Ghost Connection investigators, also felt the same thing.  We left and kept touring the rooms. 

Room 24 

It wasn’t until we got to room 24 that we felt something else.  Apparently, this is the room where guests hear a baby crying and usually complain that they need a new room.  They were in the process of renovating the room.  Lori had an emotional reaction in this room and had to leave.  I felt what she was feeling; there was indeed a baby’s presence in this room and it was overwhelmingly sad because the baby appeared to be stuck and unaware that it needed to cross over.  It was practically clinging to Lori, which is why I feel Lori had the reaction she did.  I told Lori it’s because she’s a mother and is in tune with the suffering of an infant.  The energy of the infant seemed to be about 6-8 months old.  We would come back to that room later for an official investigation.  We continued the tour.

Spooky Hollow

The next area we toured was called Spooky Hollow.  It was an old run down portion of the hotel that was not open to the public.  It was where the old Borax mine workers used to live in the 20’s.  This entire area was covered with a thick layer of dust, old furniture, mold and mildew.  The sensation I got being in this area was a feeling of being trapped, despair, like I just wanted to leave immediately.  I also had a “no hope” feeling being there.  I expressed this to the crew, this desire to just get the hell out of there, when a bat flew over our heads and disappeared out the exit.  I said, “Yes!  Like a bat out of hell… that’s what I am feeling.”  They laughed.  To say it was disgusting down there is an understatement.  We came back to Spooky Hollow later to do the official investigation.

The Opera House

The next stop on our tour was the Opera House where Marta performs.  I felt wonderful energy in this area.  It was refreshing actually.  I was getting the emotional residue of joyous energy in this room.  I wasn’t feeling anything spirit-related in this area.  At this point in time they decided they were ready to begin officially filming the investigation.  The Ghost Connection team started setting up their equipment and recorders while I guzzled some water and got out my hand-held battery-operated fan.  Did I mention it was 107 degrees? 😉 

Mike and Danny were in the opera house with me while Lori and two other female team members went back to the hotel rooms to start recording in room 24.  While Mike and Danny were setting up, the producers decided to film me doing an intro about myself (boy did I flub that.  If you see it on camera, please know that I was really nervous doing my intro).  After my intro Mike and Danny were ready, so I hung back behind the camera crew so I could watch a real paranormal investigation team do their work.

They had a video camera rolling, plus Mike was holding a digital camera and was using it to take photos of the room, hoping to catch something on film later that would show the presence of a spirit.  They also set up digital recorders around the area.  They also had a device, I think it was an EMF reader or something like that, that measures energy readings on a meter.  As Mike walked around the room he asked for any spirits to make themselves known and give him a sign.  After he said that, I got a strong feeling about a particular chair in the theatre.  I felt such a strong pull over there that I actually spoke up (even though it wasn’t my segment) and said, “Mike, go check the chair right there.”  He walked over to it with his EMF machine and there was an instant spike in energy when he held it over the chair.  He looked amazed, stunned, and excited all at the same time.  He began asking the spirit what its name was, hoping they would hear something later on their video that they could correlate.  Hmm, I heard an answer in my head.  He asked the spirit why it was there.  Hmm, another clear answer in my head.  After the third question I told Mike, “Actually, I think I’m hearing his answers because every time you ask him a question I’m hearing an answer.  Do you want me to tell you what I’m hearing so that you can correlate it later with what you get on your end?”  He said Yes!  So I stepped into the segment so they could see me on camera doing this.  I spent the next 10-15 minutes channeling the answers from this spirit named Tom as Mike asked him questions.  Everyone, including the producers, were stunned.  We had no idea this was going to happen.

Excited, we ran to the main hotel so we could tell the women on the team what happened.

Room 24 Revisited

We wondered if we could do the same thing in room 24, with the ghost baby.  I wasn’t sure I could channel a baby since it might not be able to talk or something, but I was wrong.  I was able to clearly hear its answers, although it was more like a thought transmission.  The baby was very scared, confused, and lost.  It was a really sad reading for me.  It didn’t see a light either, and it appeared to have no guides or angels around it to lead it to the light.  I sent the baby some love energy and we left.  Very sad. 🙁

Back to Spooky Hollow

I was least looking forward to going back to Spooky Hollow.  The investigators found something in room 33 and 34 so I stepped in to channel whatever was in there.  Mike asked the questions while Danny did the filming.  I had to close my eyes because Mike kept flashing his camera in the room and it was distracting me a little.  He asked, “Who is in here.”  I got an immediate answer.  In what I can only describe as a demonic, breathy voice, the answer came, “We are.”  I was really spooked and wanted to leave at that point.  But the producers asked me to stay if I was willing.  I called in a lot of guides at that point for protection and to raise my vibration.  I felt a little more protected.  I told the team that I would tell them the answer but not channel them in the first person (i.e. “he says they are here” instead of “We are here”).  I didn’t want them speaking through me.  It was tough though because their energy was so strong and I was so connected with them that I kept slipping back into speaking for them.

There was one really strong spirit in this room who seemed to take great delight in telling of us his adventures.  Apparently he was the “bully on the block” who took to terrorizing the men who worked there and also doing some uncouth things with the women.  The whole time we’re doing this channeling I was noticing that the investigators were becoming uncomfortable.  Some started complaining of stomach aches and feelings of pain in their back.  I took particular notice of Danny.  I could see his energy/aura being sucked away.  I asked him if he was feeling okay and he replied that he wasn’t feeling well at all.  He said it felt like someone was grabbing his stomach and twisting his guts.  He was sweating profusely and looked like he was going to pass out.  Mike tried to tell the spirits to leave Danny alone, but I could see they enjoyed preying on him because he was the “weaker” of the two men.  Mike had a really strong, authoritative personality, and everytime he confronted the spirits, in an attempt to get a rise out of them, they attacked Danny instead.  Finally Danny had to leave the room because he was feeling too weak. 

I felt fine physically the entire time I was in this room.  I think my guides were protecting me.  We determined that someone died in room 34.  When Mike started calling the spirit a coward, things got really frenzied.  The spirit was so angry.  One of the team members got pushed by something.  A minute or so later, we heard a sound like strong feedback going through the sound guy’s mike, and then the spirit was gone!  Several of us could feel that the negative energy was no longer in the room.  We took that opportunity to leave.

Marta Tells All

For the next hour, the producers interviewed Marta and asked her about the reported hauntings in the hotel.  They sequestered us because they didn’t want us to hear whether we were right or wrong about the areas in which we picked up ghostly energy.  So we went outside and looked at the pictures from the digital camera on Lori’s laptop.  In some pictures there were bright orbs in the shot.  This was all new to me.  In one shot of me standing in the room in Spooky Hollow doing the channeling, there are two orbs by my right ear.  Strange stuff! 

I took that opportunity to give Danny the message.  Apparently his grandmother had passed away a short time ago.  Her first message to him was, “Don’t worry.”  He had a strong reaction to that because apparently those were the last two words she ever spoke to him.  That was his validation that it was indeed her.  I went on to channel her further messages for him and he seemed grateful for the information.

Other employees of the hotel began coming up to me for readings.  I even ended up doing a reading for Marta herself.  The producers then filmed us hearing about which areas we were right about.  They wanted to get clean reactions.  Marta told them that the chair in the opera house where we captured the spirit of Tom (her old partner who died a year ago) has indeed been where other psychics have “seen” Tom and also where employees have seen a ghostly figure.

In room 34 of Spooky Hollow there was apparently a hanging.  I had a strong sense that it was not a suicide but a murder.  Mike came to the same conclusion.  The negative spirit we felt in there would seem to corroborate that as well.


We ended a very long day of filming and I was just amazed at what I experienced, from feeling and channeling the good and the bad spirits, to just doing accurate readings for the crew and employees of the hotel.  My confidence was really soaring.  We boarded our van to head home.  I could hear Keith congratulating me on my success.  I was so tired and hungry. 

Criss Angel

Criss Angel, for those who don’t know, is an illusionist.  He performs magic stunts and illusions in the same vein as David Blain.  I asked them why they were doing a show on a haunted hotel and was told this episode was going to be called “Celebrity Seance” and they were going back to the Amargosa Hotel next week with Criss himself and some celebrities to see if they could do a seance in the hotel.  They told us our 6 hours of filming would be distilled down to probably 10 minutes.  Bummer!  There’s no way they will be able to convey all that happened to us out there in such a short time.  But I didn’t go for fame… I went to see if I could do it and to help the living and deceased, as my guides told me to expect.  It’s going to be the 11th episode of the season, with an expected air date of late July or early August.  I’ll be sure to announce it as soon as I know it’s going to be on.


This was the experience that really gave me the validation I was looking for.  I had to admit to myself that this really is happening to me.  I really am becoming a medium.  To be able to pass on messages to loved ones from their dearly departed relatives is something that makes me feel wonderful.  I’m working now to hone my abilities so I can tune in better, faster, and with more details.  Eventually I will probably start giving readings professionally, but for now, it’s more practice for me.

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