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Casting Love At People

Do you ever stop and take a moment to cast love at someone?  Or a group of people?  Someone you are mad at?  Even someone you hate?  I think that casting love at someone is one of the most wonderful things you can do because it benefits you, the person or people you’re casting love towards, and it adds love energy to the world.

The other day I was in the car with my 8-year-old daughter, Emily and we had an interesting conversation.  Here is roughly how it went. 

Emily:  Mommy, did you know my heart locket has a little jewel in it?
Me:  No, I didn’t know you put anything in your heart locket.
Emily:  Well I put this little jewel in there.  Yesterday when I was at school I opened my locket and took out my jewel and asked Claire (her angel) to help me cast love energy at my classmates.
Me:  You what?
Emily:  Yeah, I wanted everyone in my class to feel loving towards each other so I asked Claire if she would help me and I made a wish on my jewel.
Me:  Wow, you did that, really?  That’s incredibly wonderful of you to do that.
Emily:  I even told Claire to send love energy to the bad people, like the demons, so that maybe they can find their way back to the light.

I can’t tell you how my heart was swelling with pride at this point.  My little muffin, consciously casting love energy at people.  I said, “Where did you get the idea to do this, Emily?”

She said, “From you, Mama.  You taught me that putting love into the world was better than putting hate into the world.  And I just wanted everyone to feel happy and loved like I do.”

My eyes welled up with tears quite honestly.  It was definitely a moment I will never forget.  I didn’t realize that she had learned this from me.  I have had conversations with both of my children about the difference between love and dark energy.  I’ve drawn their attention to moments when I see them casting love energy at each other (“Kyle, I’ll read you a story tonight if you want”) and moments where they aren’t quite so light (“Kyle, if you take my sucker out of my bag again I’m going to bop you!”).  But I can tell that they’re both getting it; they’re both aware of when they’re using love energy and when they’re using dark energy.  Awareness of what kind of energy you’re casting into the world is an important first step to consciously choosing what kind of energy you will send into the world.

You can cast love energy at anyone anytime whether they are in your presence or not.  Lately as I go to bed each night I’ve been feeling so grateful and wonderfully blessed.  I take a moment to appreciate all that I have and all the people who tell me I’ve affected their lives for the better.  Then I think of someone from my present or past, someone who I think would benefit from some love, and I just cast love energy at them.  I think about them, say a little prayer for their wellbeing, send forgiveness if it’s warranted, send understanding if it’s needed, but mostly I just send unconditional love.  I take a moment to recognize my cosmic connection with them and send them the love I would want someone to send me.

There is so much power and energy in this act.  It raises your vibration instantly, and if you are in a state of fear there is nothing better you can do for yourself than to send unconditional love out into the world.  You’ll find it comes back into your heart a hundred-fold.

Cast love at others.  Open your heart and let the universe fill you with its love, and then pay it forward to someone else.  I believe on some level they will feel it come into them.  The more we create these tendrils of love the better our world will become.  Send peace, gratitude, understanding, whatever you need to send.  Open the conduit of love and keep the energy flowing.

Or get a little jewel, put it in a heart locket, and wear it around your neck like my daughter does.  Then make a wish for love, peace, compassion and harmony to be in your heart and the hearts of others.  Yes, even the demons… they need love too. 🙂

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