Do I have to incarnate again?

Question:  What has to happen for me never to incarnate again?  Do I have to achieve some sort of perfection? Who or what decides if I have to come back to this world?  Can I avoid coming back if I don’t want to?

Answer:  We are not incarnated to learn perfection, that is not possible because the definition of perfection would be different for everyone.  We incarnate to learn, to have a new experience, to gain a new perspective we can’t gain without bodies.  I don’t think we can ever really be done because you can always come back and try a new perspective.  

Incarnating is a choice.  A conscious choice.  If you decide you never want to incarnate again I don’t believe you have to.  However, you must know that the soul, when it’s in the ether, does not fear incarnation.  To the soul, incarnation is like being on a roller coaster.  Sure it can be thrilling, even dangerous, but it’s just a ride and at the end you come safely to a stop. 

Have you ever been on a roller coaster and thought, “Shoot, why did I get on this crazy ride?” and you’re screaming throughout the entire ride only to say, “Let’s do that again!” when you stop safely?  While you’re on the ride you might be thinking, “Why, oh why, did I agree to go on this ride?” but once you’re back safe and sound all you remember is the thrill!  Were you ever truly in danger?

My suggestion is this: Don’t decide now if you will incarnate again.  You’re in the middle of the ride.  Wait until you’re safe and sound again, evaluate the experience of this life, and then decide if you’re up for doing it again.  There are many different roller coasters to try as well.  Some go upside down, some take you through total darkness, some will make you really sick, and some will take you to heights you couldn’t possibly imagine (oh what a view!).  Don’t forget you’re never on the ride alone.  Scream if you must, throw your hands up in the air to maximize the thrill, but always remember you are safe.  And if you ever find the ride is going too fast or you’re too afraid and want to get off, don’t jump.  Just raise your hand and the ride operator will bring the coaster to a safe and gentle stop.

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