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How to Find or Create a Psychic Development Circle

Being a member of a psychic development circle is an excellent way to increase your psychic abilities and skills.  A psychic development circle (PDC) contains a group of people who are all interested in improving their natural psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, psychometry, telepathy, mediumship, telekinesis, energy healing, and more.  If you’re interested in finding or creating a PDC, here’s what you need to know…

Be Committed
Before you develop a circle or agree to join one, make sure you’re committed.  Once a group is formed it should stay the same so new energies are not constantly coming in.  When that happens, everyone needs to adjust their energies and frequencies.  You will get better results if your group is solid, committed, and stays the same each week.  Expect to be part of a circle for at least 6 months to a year, or longer.

Group Size is Important
PDC’s should consist of between 4 and 12 members.  Too few and you won’t be able to draw upon each other’s energies and talents.  Too many and your meetings will take more than 2 hours.

Setting the Location and Time
It’s also vital that you set aside the same time and same place each week for your development circle; don’t rotate location and times.  Once a week is a good amount to meet.  Too often and people risk burning out.  Pick a location where you will be uninterrupted.  It’s also good to pick a location where someone can dedicate an entire room for the circle such that the door can stay closed during the time when you’re not meeting.  It’s best to keep the energy in the room pure and solely for the group’s use.

Preparing the Space
You can set up your space any way you want, but here are some recommendations.  Set up chairs so they form a circle, close enough so you can hold hands if necessary.  In the middle of the circle, place a small table that you can use to hold items you might need during a session such as candles, pendulums, crystals, a scrying bowl, pads of paper, etc.  You may consider decorating the room to represent your circle, such as with cloth drapes, candles, geodes, crystals, chimes, music, etc.  Let the group make the room their own.

Raising Your Vibration
Before you enter the circle’s room, be sure to leave negativity at the door.  It’s not the purpose of the PDC to be therapists.  If you’d like to leave time for socializing, set aside time at the end of the meeting for people who want to talk, but do it in another room.  Let the PDC room be just for that purpose.  Before you enter the room, raise your vibration so you are ready to participate and help raise the vibration of other members.

Group Meditation
You should select a group leader, someone who has a lot of experience, skills, or abilities.  This leader should guide the group through a meditation to increase the energy in the room and to bring everyone present.

Invite the protection of spirits, angels, God, Source, or the universe to your circle.  Ask that only the highest vibrational beings attend the circle.  You may sit inside an actual circle, i.e. someone can draw a chalk circle on the floor, or you can use something else symbolically.  Periodically someone should sage the room to keep it clear and clean of lingering energy.

It’s okay if people in the circle have different talents and skills.  One day you may practice mediumship and perhaps only 2 out of 10 of you are mediums.  That’s okay.  Let the 2 mediums practice their skills on the rest of the group.  The next week perhaps you’re working on psychometry.  Have each person bring a personal item, pass it around the room, and have everyone write down their impressions.  Then share them at the end.  Decide in advance what you will work on and make sure everyone gets an opportunity to utilize their preferred psychic modality.

Closing the Circle
You should spend between 1 and 2 hours in your PDC sessions.  Too much longer can be draining.  When you are through for the evening the leader should close down the circle by thanking all the energies that attended the session.  Blow out your candles, say a prayer, and disengage.  Leave the room the way you want it to be for the next session.

Finding or Forming a Circle
If you’re friends with others who you know are interested in working on developing their psychic abilities, you can form a group with them.  Be sure to select people you are totally comfortable with.  Avoid people with big egos.  If your friends aren’t into the PDC thing, you’ll have to find people who are.  Go to metaphysical bookstores and post a notice that you’re looking to join a circle.  If no one responds, form your own.  Carefully select the members who will be part of your circle.  It’s highly disruptive to the group to have people coming in and out.

It can take a while to find enough good people to be in your circle, but don’t give up.  A psychic development circle is an excellent way to increase and practice your skills.  You’re in a safe environment where you can learn (fail even) and get better.  Now get out there and get circling!

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