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Playing in the Dream World

Although I’m an advanced lucid dreamer, able to program and create a dream I want to have ahead of time, even I am amazed and intrigued by what’s been happening to me lately.

Very Crazy Dreams I’ve Had

I’ve had some crazy dreams in the past.  For example, one time I dreamed I was Eddie Murphy’s penis.  Yep, you read that right, I hope you didn’t spit your coffee onto your monitor.  I seriously had a dream that I was Eddie Murphy’s penis (oh the search engine traffic I’m going to collect with that lovely phrase!).  I peaked my head out of his underwear and had a look around.  That was it, then I mercifully woke up.

Another crazy dream was when I dreamed I was a sentient hamburger (with all the fixings no less!).  Yep, I was sitting on a lazy Susan-type device while someone was setting up lighting for a photo shoot.  I just sat there, feeling every part of my layers (meat, lettuce, special sauce, etc.) and just waiting for someone to take photos of me.

Until recently the dream that took the cake for crazy was that one night I went to sleep and dreamed I had insomnia!  I literally dreamed I couldn’t fall asleep.  When I woke from that dream I was flummoxed, but when I went back to sleep the dream picked up where it left off!  In fact, I kept dreaming I couldn’t sleep and then I’d wake up and realize I must have been sleeping.  Finally at around 5am I realized I wasn’t going to get any real sleep, so the next time I fell asleep I dreamed that I took a walk around the neighborhood until sunrise.  When I finally got up for real that day I felt like I hadn’t slept all night.  Try analyzing that one!

Dreaming Entire TV Episodes

But recently my dreams have gone to another level entirely.  It started when I dreamed an entire episode of the tv show Supernatural.  I watched a complete brand new episode of the show in my dream.  The plot was so interesting I thought it would be a great idea for an actual episode.  I wanted to submit it to Eric Kripke (show creator) but my cousin, who is in the industry, told me there was no way he’d be interested.  I’m a huge fan of the show, for obvious reasons, and I often program dreams that include the Winchester boys and I out solving a mystery or hunting down something scary.  But now… now… it’s all different!

A few months ago I had my Supernatural episode dream but this time it came with commercial breaks and scenes to next week’s episode!  What the hell?  Now I’ve got sponsors in my dream?  I don’t believe I’m getting paid to watch commercials in my dream!  And yet it continues.  Apparently I signed some astral contract and now I get fresh episodes of Supernatural in my dreams plus commercials.  So far the scenes to next week’s episode haven’t actually come to pass.  If they did I think I might commit myself or pitch a series idea to Eric Kripke or the CW.  Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy dreaming entire episodes, but maybe I need to install an astral Tivo so I can fast forward through the commercials. 😉  If anyone reading this knows Eric Kripke can you please tell him I’ve got a season’s worth of new episodes in my head?

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Another weird thing going on in my dreams is that I’m doing intuitive reading sessions for strangers.  Full readings.  My guides give me a name and I tune in and do a reading.  Sometimes I see the sitter there and sometimes I don’t.  These aren’t quickie, one question readings either, they’re a full 30 minutes (or it feels that way in the dream).  A lot of information comes through.  And not just one client either, but sometimes as many as three clients in one dream session.  When I wake up I wonder, and hope, that somewhere there is a real person who received the info through their dream, considering the effort that was put into it.

There are nights when I just want to sleep and not be so, oh what’s the word, involved in my dreaming.  I think I need to program a dream trip to Hawaii so I can lounge on the beach and sip a drink with one of those cute umbrellas (because it’s not tropical without an umbrella or some fruit hanging off the rim) just so I can relax a little.  You think you’re overworked?  Try doing hours of work in your dreams too!

Now lest you think I’m kavetching or whining about my lucid dreaming abilities, I do really love my nightlife and look forward to it every day.  I am just trying to fathom what’s going to happen next.  Should I be worried or excited?  Where will the next level take me?

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