Practicing Your Lucid Dreaming Skills

Last night I had a dream that I was in a studio with a bunch of other people, and there was an instructor standing in front of us all. He said, “Welcome to Lucid Dreaming Practice 101. First, are you all aware you are dreaming? If not, you are now.” There was a chuckle from the students.

Then he said, “If you don’t practice changing your environment, then the dream you were supposed to have will take over. So first we’re going to start with something easy. Look down at your shirt.”

Half the people in the room were wearing sleepwear and the other half were wearing regular daytime clothing. I was wearing my pajamas that I went to sleep in that night.

Then the instructor said, “Change the color of your clothes. Pick a color in your mind, and will your clothing to change to that color.”

Someone said, “Do we just change it like with the snap of a finger or morph it slowly like it’s shape shifting?”

The instructor said, “It’s up to you. Try both techniques and see which one works best for you.”

So I looked down at my top which was peach in color, and I decided to make it black. I saw it as black and it began to turn black, from the top down to the hem. Nice! Then I changed it back to peach. Then I tried “snapping” it to black and it didn’t work. I tried again and it started morphing slowly like before. I decided that was good enough for now.

After everyone was done playing with their shirt color, the instructor said, “Okay now we’re going to go outside and practice our flying. Who here has trouble with speed?” Several hands went up. “Who here has trouble with height where you just bob around a few inches above the ground?” More hands went up.

He said, “Well come on up to the roof and let’s fix that.”

We followed him up some stairs that led to the roof of the studio. He said, “Is there anyone here who is very confident in their ability to fly at high speeds?” I raised my hand, as did a few others. He said, “Great, show them how it’s done. Take off from the roof and fly around a bit. Extra points for barrel rolls and tricks.”

Awesome, I thought! I got this. I’ve been “flying” for decades. I took a running start and leaped off the building, soaring high into the sky quickly and easily. About 3 other students were in the air with me, and we laughed with delight as we played tag in the sky. We almost didn’t hear the instructor call us back to the roof.

As we landed, the instructor asked us, “How are you able to fly so fast and so high when others have trouble? Does anyone know?”

I said, “Well when I first started flying I floated and bobbed like most people. But over time as my confidence increased I got faster and higher. I also think running off a tall building helps you get momentum. And lastly, for me, believing I can do it is the most important thing. If I believe I’m going to fall, I fall. But if I know I can soar high and fast, that’s what happens.”

He said, “Bingo. Believe you can do it, and you can do it. In a lucid dream anything is possible. Anything! If you can imagine it, you can experience it. So be careful what you imagine as you will make it the truth.”

So he asked the other students if they were ready. People walked nervously closer to the edge. The instructor told us to take off into the air so the other students could follow us. So we each stood in front of a group and took off into the air, like a mother duck leading her ducklings to water.

People started to run and jump off the building. Some plummeted, some wavered but didn’t fall, and a few were able to take off like Superman. The instructor flew down to the ground to talk to those who had fallen. I didn’t hear what he said as I was having a great time flying with everyone else.

After flying practice was over, he called us all back to the roof and we went down into the studio. The instructor said, “If you don’t practice, you won’t improve. Every time you have a lucid dream have something pre-planned to work on so you can get right to it. Remember, if you don’t know what to do, the original dream you were supposed to have will assert itself and take over.”

He concluded the class by saying, “Those of you who still have time to sleep, feel free to keep practicing your skills or come and ask me a question. Otherwise class is dismissed. Happy dreaming everyone!”

I went to talk to some of the other students who had been good at flying. I said, “This is awesome. Are you guys really here in my dream or am I just dreaming you’re here in my dream?”

One guy laughed and said, “I was going to ask you the same question.”

I said, “Well my name is Erin Pavlina. What’s your name?”

One gal gasped and said, “Oh I thought I recognized you. I know who you are in real life!”

Another guy said, “My name is Dal Kenshi” (that’s what it sounded like phonetically). “I’ve never heard of you though.”

I said, “That’s alright.”

And the girl said, “My name is Leanne and I live in Washington state. I’ve read your blog.”

I laughed. I said, “Well I don’t know if you guys are real or not but this sure was fun!”

Leanne said, “You should teach the next class. Do something on astral projection.”

I said, “That would be interesting wouldn’t it? I wonder if that will happen.”

Dal said, “It’s your dream right? If you pre-plan it, it will happen.”

I laughed and said, “Yeah I guess so. It was nice meeting you two.”

Dal said, “I’m going outside to fly some more. Come join me if you ladies want to.”

We went back out onto the roof and flew off together. It was exhilarating. I eventually lost track of them and woke up, very refreshed and pleased with the whole experience. I guess I’ve got a class to prep for. I want to be ready! 😉

The next time you’re having a lucid dream, practice your skills. Move things with your mind, recreate the environment you want to be in, fly around the block a few times, or do whatever you can dream of!

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