Language and Communication with the Deceased

People often ask me if I can communicate with deceased loved ones who spoke a language other than English while alive.  The answer is yes, absolutely.  Language was created by humans.  Our vocal chords are part of our physical body, but it’s our mind that determines what we want to say.  Similarly, a deceased person communicates to me with thought and energy, not language.  So I can understand what they want to convey even if they spoke Portuguese, Japanese, or Chinese while alive.  Since they are no longer in their physical bodies, they don’t have mouths and vocal chords anyway, nor are they limited to the language they learned in life.

Then do the deceased always speak English to me?  In a way, yes, and in a way, no.  Sometimes I do hear phrases word for word in my native language which is English.  I will hear a deceased person give me a certain phrase and I know I’m supposed to repeat it just that way because there is a significance to that phrase and to paraphrase would not be best.  So I repeat it the way I heard it.  Other times I just get thoughts and feelings and I have to translate their meaning.  For example, I might suddenly get a pain in my head while asking the deceased person how they died.  So then I’ll know there was either a stroke, head injury, Alzheimer’s or maybe a shot to the head.  Usually I can sense which one even if they don’t actually say, “Tell her I was shot in the head,” or “I died of a stroke.”  It sort of feels like I get a download of information and all I have to do is open the file and start reading.  Sometimes they put a song in my head and it turns out that the song has meaning.  Other times I just see an image, like of a birthday cake and a number, or a symbol like a fleur de lis or a question mark.  But a full thought usually comes with it.

The same non-verbal communication happens with animals.  On the occasions when I’ve connected with an animal who has crossed over, I get specific information from them, just like I do with deceased humans.  Obviously animals don’t speak English, so I must be getting the information through thoughts, images, and feelings.  Sometimes the animal shows me what they looked like.  That’s easy because then I just have to describe it.  One time I sat down in a woman’s chair and I immediately felt the presence of a very territorial cat sitting on top of the back of the chair where my head was.  When I tuned in I saw an orange cat with a smooshed in face (it seemed almost flat).  When I told her what I was getting she confirmed that her orange cat used to sit in that very spot (that was HIS spot!) and that his face was smooshed and they actually named him “Smoosh” because of it.  I almost had to move to a different location because this cat’s energy was so strong and territorial that I felt like I was intruding. 🙂 

Mainly animals convey love and connection and that they are still there and waiting for their loved ones to cross over.  They often also show me their replacements.  One time I was tuned in to a big calico cat who then showed me an image of a black kitten.  My sitter confirmed that his calico cat had died that year and that he had just gotten a new black kitten.  The calico wanted to convey that it was okay to replace him.  My sitter was very grateful to hear that because it was something that concerned him. 

Communication with the other side is energetic, not verbal.  Tune in to your own deceased relatives and see if you can sense their feelings or thoughts.  It might be too difficult for them to say, “Hey Julie, I’m here, I’m doing well, and will you please stop dating that jerk?”  Instead they may just be able to send a feeling, perhaps one of love, concern, or peace.  Dreams are the number one way in which spirits try to communicate with the living.  Be open to different modalities and it will increase your chance of making a connection with the other side. 🙂

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