Can we learn new things in a lucid dream?

Question:  Supposedly when you lucid dream you can be or create whatever you want. Is it limited to what you already know, or can you learn new things? I mean we can’t fly but we know if we move our ‘wings’ we will fly. But say I know nothing about the Japanese language and in a lucid dream I take Japanese lessons. Could the teacher teach me something I never knew and verify it in real life? And if I haven’t been to a country, but only know the name of it, and decide to check it out in a lucid dream, what would I see there? Something true about the country, or just my imagination of what it might look like?

Answer:  Great question.  When you dream, you are entering your own mind’s subconscious construct.  Think of it like a matrix-like reality inside your head and you’re the programmer.  As such, all the people, places, and things you see in a dream are created by your own subconscious mind.  During normal, non-lucid dreams, you forget that you are dreaming.  You act in accordance with whatever is going on in the dream.  Yes, even though your own mind created the dream world, you go along with whatever is happening, even if you’re being chopped into little pieces by Freddy Krueger.

Now, when you are lucid in a dream (which means you are aware that you are dreaming) you are still in your own mind’s dream construct.  So all the people, places, and things you see there were created by your subconscious mind.  The difference between a normal, non-lucid dream and the lucid dream is that once you are lucid you are able to alter your dreamscape to suit your whims and desires.  Thus, you can snap your fingers and now Freddy Krueger isn’t chopping you into little pieces, instead he’s sitting in an armchair with a cup of tea and a Dickens novel.  But everything in the lucid dream is still a subset of your own mind.  If you can imagine it, you can create it.

Can you fly?  Yes, you can fly like Superman or put wings on your back and fly the way you think you would fly if you had wings.  But we can’t really know if what we’re experiencing is how it would feel in reality.

So to use your examples, if you lucidly created a Japanese teacher to come teach you Japanese, you would get what sounds like Japanese to you, but which would probably not be real Japanese since your subconscious and conscious minds don’t know Japanese.  If you flew to another country you would see what you think would be there.  There might be enough similarity in what you think is there and what is actually there to convince you that you really saw that country, but it would be coincidence.

For the vast majority of people, everything experienced in a dream, lucid or not, is going to contain a subset of what the dreamer already knows or believes. There’s nothing new under the sun. 

All hope is not lost, however.  Lucid dreaming does open a doorway.  It alters your energetic frequency.   If  you’ve developed your psychic abilities enough and you know how to change your frequency to detect other energetic beings, you could use your lucid dream landscape to hold a meeting of sorts between you and these other beings.  These other beings could then give you information you didn’t previously know, which is the same thing that happens when a psychic is awake and using her conscious mind to tune in to beings outside her mind’s construct.  Does that make sense?  If a psychic person can tune in to an outside mind while she is awake and have a conversation with that being, you can do the same thing in a lucid dream.  You just have to escape the dream construct to do it.   You have to make sure you keep your frequency high and don’t fall back into a non-lucid state.

One of the reasons deceased spirits come to us in our dreams is because energetically we’re meeting them halfway.  It’s much easier for them to get into our dreams than our waking life.  When you’re in the dream state you already expect weird and unusual things to happen.  You accept them easily while you’re dreaming.  So deceased spirits or guides can use that as an opportunity to try to reach you with messages.  Initiating the conversation yourself works too.  You can “call” to them and hopefully they will come.  No guarantees.  But you’d have to be lucid at the very minimum in order to make this call, otherwise you’re just making the call inside your own subconscious mind.

In summary, your dreams are a product of your own mind.  Everything in your dream came from your imagination.  But if you’re lucid, and can raise your vibration, and break out of the dreamscape, you can communicate and have interactions with real energetic beings that are not a product of your own mind.  Or you can learn to do that while awake, which is sometimes easier. 🙂

Obtaining consciousness inside your dreams is an excellent first step to being able to go outside your own mind and into a higher frequency.

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