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Quick Answers to Quick Questions Part 3

Once again I’m clearing out my Ask Erin inbox.  I get a lot of questions that I can answer with a short response so they don’t really warrant their own blog entry.  There are 459 questions in my inbox at the moment.  Some of them are great questions, others are too personal to answer here.  If you need a personal question answered or you want contact with a deceased relative, please book a reading with me.

And away we go…

Can I choose right now who I want to be in my next life?
You can choose right now, but that’s like asking a 5 year old what he wants to be when he grows up.  Experiences and how your life ends will likely lead you to make a different choice later than you would now.  Live the life you’ve got, and worry about the next one when you’re dead.

Will the people I love in this life be with me in my next life?
Some of them may choose to incarnate at the same time as you, but that doesn’t guarantee you will meet up with them.  Remember, once you incarnate you have free will.  If you arrange it, you can probably get your guides to nudge you in their direction.  Also remember that they have their own lessons to learn, so don’t get too attached to having a similar family structure with the same souls in another life.

I cannot see myself coming back as a man (I am a woman now).  Can I just be a woman each time?
No, you’re going to be all kinds of people.  That’s part of learning.  When you get back to the ether  you’ll remember the lives you’ve had as a man.  And it won’t terrify you as much as it seems to right now.

Do souls reincarnate on other planets as other species besides humans?
I don’t have a lot of knowledge or experience in this area.  I know there are a lot of people who do believe we can reincarnate as something other than humans.  When it comes down to it, I don’t see why not, but I haven’t personally encountered someone who has, and I have no memories of being what we would term an alien.  So I’m waiting for more information or experience on that one.

Why would someone incarnate with a mental disability?  It’s just a burden on their caretakers.  What could they possibly learn with a mental disability?
Maybe they’re here to teach compassion.  Sometimes souls incarnate knowing their life is going to be physically or mentally tough from the outset.  They do this because they know life is temporary, but learning, love, and compassion are eternal.  They are worthy of our deepest respect.

Is it possible to be in a location and sense something terrible happened there without knowing exactly what it is?
Absolutely.  I feel odd at Hoover Dam, and I felt awful at Ground Zero in New York.  Events, deaths, murders, etc. can leave an emotional residue that is easily picked up by those who are attuned to those channels.

Do you believe vampires are real?  I mean, besides the astral vampire you saw in that experience.
I haven’t met a “real” flesh and blood vampire here.  I know there are people who behave and dress like vampires, but I have never met what I would understand as a vampire.  If I do, I hope he’s hot like Angel.

Do twins share one higher self?  Are they part of one soul that has split?
I am a twin myself and I do not feel like my sister and I share a higher self.  Mine feels very distinct from hers.  Then again, we are all connected further up the chain.  But at the point you are asking about, no, it’s not like one soul splits into two to double their experiences.

Do you know of any video games that raise the player’s vibration?
That’s a great question.  I know Steve was always yapping on about the Ultima games.  He liked them.  I’m sure someone has come up with something that challenges the players and holds them to a high moral code.  If you are reading this and know of such a game, please share it in the forums.

How should you choose a career option when there are many you’ve identified as awesome for yourself?
It’s great to have so many options.  Congratulations on that.  If it were me, I would imagine succeeding in each one and ask my future self which one she would be most excited about accomplishing/doing.   So imagine you’re looking back through time and see which one would thrill you the most if you were succeeding at it in the way you want.

How do you get negative energy to buzz off, and how do you keep it away?
Figure out what feeds the negative energy and stop serving it to them.  If they can’t get a tasty meal, they’ll bark up someone else’s tree.  Be loving, kind, and joyous.  They don’t like that.

Are suicides ever pre-planned before you incarnate?
I don’t believe so, no.  By definition you are choosing to end your life before dying naturally (or by the free will of another’s actions, like murder or accident).  Setting yourself up to suffer physically or mentally is often pre-planned.  But you go into it with full knowledge of why you’re setting yourself up to be in that condition.  It’s just too bad you forget why you did it.

I am a writer, and often it feels like my characters are real people that I’m talking to in my head.  They seem to have a life of their own.  Is this possible?
Many writers report that their characters introduced themselves to them one day.  I believe a lot of writers are getting material channeled to them from their guides, from muses, from other beings, or even angels.   In fact, I personally think J.K. Rowling got an entire download when she tapped in to Harry Potter.  Some of my best blog entries were written by my guides.  I had very little to do with them.  I feel so used. 😉

Is it possible to switch from being an introvert to an extrovert?
Yes, absolutely.  I know people who have done it *cough* Steve *cough*.  I’m certain there are books and articles online that discuss how to do it.  That’s a relatively easy behavior to change.

Is it possible that my spirits guides are also spirit guides for other people who are currently incarnated?
Yes.  Some guides will pop in and out of your life, and while they’re popped out of yours, they’re popped in to someone else’s.  But it takes a great commitment to guide an incarnated soul.  If the guide is helping multiple people he or she is qualified to be doing so.

What exactly is the ether that you refer to so often?
Ether is the word I use to describe the state or place I was in before I incarnated and where I will return to when I’m done with this life.  Some people might refer to it as Heaven, some as the 4th dimension, and I’m sure there are dozens of other names for Home.

That’s it for now.  Thanks for all the questions.  Feels good to knock a few of those out the door.

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