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How To Find Lost Items Using Psychic Abilities

Some of the most common emails I get are from those who have lost an item that’s important to them and they want my help in locating it.  It is possible to find lost items (or even lost people for that matter) using psychic abilities, but there are no guarantees.

First of all, not all things want to be found.  What do I mean by that?  Sometimes there is a lesson in loss.  Why did you lose your Blackberry?  Are you spending too much time connecting with technology instead of with people in person?  Why did you lose your diamond wedding ring?  Is it symbolic of what’s happening in your marriage?  Pretend you’re in a dream and your dream self lost this item.  How would you interpret the dream?  How do you feel about the loss?  Do you feel irresponsible?  Victimized?  Forlorn or bereft?  What does the loss mean to you?

Second, is this an item you keep losing?  Maybe you’re not supposed to find it or have it in your life.  Consider that before you tear up the house or your plumbing.

I know what you’re thinking.  “Screw that symbolic sign crap, Erin, please just help me find my cell phone!”  Okay, fine fine.  Hold your horses.  If the item is meant to come back to you then there is a way to use psychic abilities to find it.

First you have to understand that there are many ways to find lost items using intuitive abilities.  If one way doesn’t work, try another one.

Pendulum Technique
Get a pendulum.  You can buy one online or from a new age store, or you can make a simple one using some thread and a bolt so that the bolt is hanging at the end of the thread.   Tell the universe what direction  you want to be “yes” and what direction will be “no.”  You can choose clockwise or counter clockwise, or you can do horizontal vs. vertical lines.  Sit quietly, put your elbow on the table to steady your arm, hold the top of the pendulum, and start asking “yes-no” questions.  “Is my cell phone in the house?”  “Is it in my bedroom.”  Keep playing until you find it.  If your subconscious mind doesn’t know where the item is, you probably won’t find it using a pendulum.

Use Clairsentience
If your primary psychic modality is clairsentience, which means clear-feeling, start walking around the area where you think you probably lost your precious item and try to feel a tug in your midsection pulling you in the direction of your lost item.  Or you might feel a hot or cold sensation telling you if you’re near or far, respectively.  You might feel a tingling sensation in your hands when you get close.  Don’t use your logic.  Feel for the tugging, temperature, or tingle.  If the item is in the area you’re searching, you could easily find it using this technique.

Use Clairaudience
If your primary psychic modality is clairaudience, which means clear-hearing, sit quietly, get meditative, and say in your mind, “Cell phone, where are you?”  Listen for the answer.  Again, you’re going to have to push your logic away.  If you could have found it with logic, you wouldn’t need to find it with intuition.

Use Clairvoyance
If your primary psychic modality is clairvoyance, which means clear-seeing, sit quietly, get meditative, and ask your item where it is.  Then allow an image to form in your mind’s eye.  Maybe you’ll see a movie play out in your mind.  Maybe you’ll just see it lying inside your couch cushion.  Maybe you’ll get a symbol or metaphor that must be figured out.

Use Claircognizance
If your primary psychic modality is claircognizance, which means clear-knowing, then turn off your rational mind completely and simply walk to where your item is, with confidence and assurance.  Don’t even think about it, just go there.  Yep, this one’s hard if you’re not a gifted claircognizant.

Ask Your Guides
If you’ve learned how to communicate with your guides, then get meditative and go talk to them.  Ask them where your item is.  They might tell you outright, or they might tell you why you lost it, and they might tell you that you’ll never see it again because finding it is not in your best interest.  I hope you’ve sent some gratitude to your guides recently.  Maybe they’re holding your Blackberry hostage.

Ask the Dream Master
Ask the guy who lives in your ceiling and sends you those lovely Angelina/Brad dreams if he’d be willing to show you where you lost your item.  He’s often more accommodating than the guides.  If you’re not good at remembering your dreams, this probably won’t work too well for you.

Ask Your Future Self
You’ve got a past self – he’s the dumb-dumb who lost the item in the first place – so why not ask your future self where you ended up finding it.  I love this technique.  Sit quietly and get meditative.  Meet your future self in your mind’s eye and have a conversation with him.  He might say, “Oh that?  Yeah we finally remembered we loaned it to Cathy and forgot to get it back.”  Or he might say, “Oh that?  Yeah, we put the ring on the side of the counter and it fell right into the sink.  Took us an hour to fish it out and the plumber charged us $100.  And by the way, don’t drink so much next Saturday, that’s gonna be one hell of a hangover!”

If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try Try Again
This takes practice and skill.  If you’re not used to divining locations out of thin air, cut yourself some slack if you fail to find your object the first time.  Keep working at it.  You will get better over time.  If you’re too emotionally attached to finding this object, that alone can block your success.

Call a Professional
If all of these methods fail, call the professionals.  You can book a reading with a psychic, just be sure he or she is good at locating missing objects.  That is not my forte so do not book a reading with me to find your ring.  More than likely your guides will tell you something about it that you don’t want to know.

The Moral of the Story
Keep your precious items where they belong, or put a locator chip on them (or in them as the case may be.)  And try not to be a loser in the first place. 😉

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