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Health Goal Update for June 8, 2009

The last couple of weeks have seen some ups and downs for me.  Some hope and some discouragement, and definitely some frustration.  I’ve been at this for about 4 months and I can’t say I’ve made any significant progress.  I’m still hovering in and around the 190’s on the scale.  I’m exercising (doing cardio and weight lifting about 5 days a week), and I’m eating 1200-1500 calories per day, yet the scale doesn’t  move much.  Sometimes I’m up a pound and sometimes I’m down a pound.  What’s a girl gotta do to get moving definitively in a positive direction?

Steve told me that people with acidic blood have a harder time losing weight than people with alkaline blood.  So with our handy dandy ph strips, I tested my urine and I was at 6.8.  He said the goal is 7.2 and higher.  We were both expecting my urine to be far more acidic than it tested.  But I’m going to add a lot of alkalizing food to my diet to see if that can kick start me and my metabolism.  I’m having some hormonal imbalances as I haven’t gotten my period in over three months after being quite regular, so I’m not sure what’s up with that, and I’m not sure if whatever is causing that is having an effect on my weight loss efforts (no I’m not pregnant; I’ve tested 6 times in the last 2 months).

I tested my body fat with our handy dandy body fat tester and saw it was down .5%, but the next day it was back up .5% so I clearly cannot rely on that!  People ask if my clothes are fitting differently, and I’ve definitely gone down a dress size, but that happened late last year.  I haven’t seen much improvement there for the last 4-5 months.

Counting calories and counting points is hard some days when I eat out, because I have no earthly idea how many points are in a salad at a restaurant.  Could be 5, 12, or 18 for all I know.  So some days I’m knocked completely off course with my points and I just do the best I can.  It’s not feasible for me to eat at home every meal for the rest of the year.  At home I’m happy to weigh and measure all my food, but one meal out and I’m off kilter for the day.

All I can do is keep going, keep learning and keep adjusting my course.  I envy those of you to whom this comes very easily.  I’ve had to remind myself that I can’t be an expert at everything. 😉  You always hear about people who say, “Yeah I lost 30 pounds, but then I gained it all back.”  Ha, I haven’t even lost the 30 yet!  I’d be happy to experience that amount of weight loss and then worry about not gaining it back!

People also ask me what my guides are saying.  I tuned in the other day and got myself a metaphor.  Those of you who have had readings with me will appreciate that I get metaphors too.  In this metaphor they showed me an image of pushing at a door that says, “Pull” on it, and wondering why it won’t open.  Yeah, don’t I feel stupid?  They also showed me an image of a fly trying to get out of a closed window.  You can post in my forum if you have a sense of what those metaphors mean.  I’m all ears.

Please don’t send me an email suggesting any diet or exercise related tips.  Honestly, I’ve heard it all now.  Atkins, paleo, blood type, yoga, meditation, prayer, raw, whole unprocessed, fasting, supplements, liposuction, diet pills, therapy, hypnosis, NLP.  Someone even suggested I go vegan (where have THEY been?).  I appreciate the help and concern, but a man with one watch knows what time it is and a man with 30 is never sure.  I’m going to keep exercising, eat more spinach, cucumbers, and celery, and pull at the door instead of pushing against it.  Sigh.

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