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If You Weren’t Afraid

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

Recently I attended a conference where we did a fabulous exercise that I want to share with you because it was truly eye-opening for me.  We got with a partner and we sat facing each other.   One person had to be the receiver.  The receiver kept their eyes open.  The other person had to close their eyes and for about a minute had to supply answers to the statement, “If I wasn’t afraid I would …”  The person receiving wasn’t allowed to say a word, and you couldn’t see their face anyway because your eyes were closed, but you had to unload on this person all the things you would do if only you weren’t afraid.  A minute is a long time when you’re sharing that kind of vulnerability.  At the end, you opened your eyes and the person receiving leaned in to give you a hug and share one nugget of wisdom they gleaned from your statements. 

My experience doing this exercise was powerful.  At the end my receiver said, “You know what?  I don’t think you’re afraid at all.  I think you came here to this planet to do these things and you’re going to do them despite any roadblocks.  You’re ready, and you’re more than capable.  Go for it.”  That wisdom shattered all kinds of resistance, limiting beliefs, and excuses I had all lined up to protect me.  I sat with my mouth agape as I realized that she was right. Deep down I knew I was using fear as an excuse, and that in truth I wasn’t actually afraid.  In fact, I started to feel eager.  This was a big part of the transformation I wrote about in my Transformations blog entry.  What if you could replace fear with eagerness?

So I ask you to try this exercise.  You don’t even need to do it with a partner, but it would be awesome if you could.  Saying what you’re afraid of out loud is powerful, and hearing your partner’s insights and wisdom is helpful.  You might find what I found; that you’re not afraid at all.  That fear is just an excuse. 

If you do the exercise alone, just write it down or type it up in your journal, and then let your higher self make a comment or two.  There’s no right or wrong way to do the exercise. 

So, what would you do if you weren’t afraid?

Would you get on a stage and speak your truth?
Would you write a book sharing your wisdom and insights on life?
Would you call an estranged relative and make a peaceful overture?
Would you tell someone you loved them?
Would you quit your job and start your own business?
Would you end a relationship that isn’t serving your highest good?
Would you have a child?
Would you ask for help?

Don’t let fear be the thing that stops you.  Fear is an illusion.  Begin to realize how ready you are to do all of the things you’re afraid of.  See the power in accomplishing all of these desires.   Life is tugging at you, trying to pull you in the direction of your joy.  Fear is the anchor holding you in place.  Raise anchor and set sail towards your desires.  This exercise can help you identify what you truly want.  It’s like getting a map to a destination.  Once you’ve got it, get going!

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