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Can you affect things on the physical plane while you are astral?

Question: Can you affect things on the physical plane while you are astral? For example could I knock a glass over if I’m astral projecting so that when I returned to my body I would see it lying on the floor where previously it was on my nightstand?

Answer:  Not usually, no.  In my many experiences of being outside my body I was unable to move objects in the physical world either through touch or telekinesis.  Nor would I necessarily expect to be able to affect physical reality while on the astral plane.  Let’s look at it logically.

Your physical body vibrates at a certain density, a lower density than your energetic or astral body.  So your physical body is fully capable of grasping a cup, opening a door, and walking around for example, because those objects are on the same plane as your physical body.  Your astral body is energy without physical form and is roaming around on a different plane.  Just as in your physical body you cannot “touch” anything on the astral plane, so too on the astral plane you cannot “touch” anything on the physical plane.

One of the reasons you can so easily float through a wall or window while in an astral state is precisely because the wall exists on the material, physical plane, where you are no longer vibrating.  You may see the wall in your astral state, but it is not on the same plane as you anymore so you easily pass through it like it isn’t there.  One thing that can affect how well and how easily you move through the wall, though, is your expectation of being able to do so.  Many people, when they first go astral, assume they must maneuver around physical objects; but soon you learn that you can easily fly, float or fling yourself through them quite easily.

One thing you can do to the physical world while in an astral state is be sensed by people who are awake.  I’ve had experiences where I was astral, floated on over to a friend’s house while they were awake, tried to get them to see me or notice me, and have them tell me the next day they “felt my presence” at the same time I was there.  This is difficult however.  Most people who are awake are not at all attuned to the astral plane.  That would be like tuning in to a cable channel you don’t normally get just to see if something other than static is coming through at that moment.

I do believe, though I’ve never personally experienced it, that it’s possible with great effort to do something to the physical world while in an astral state.  If you’ve seen the movie, Ghost, with Patrick Swayze, he eventually learns how to move a physical object (the penny) but it takes great effort.  You have to force the energy of your astral body to vibrate at a lower density to bring it into phase with the physical object you’re trying to move.  That’s tough.  So while I believe in theory it could work, I think you’d have to really practice and spend a lot of time trying in order to get it done.

Meeting up with another astral person is possible while in an astral state, because you’ll come into phase with them.  Both of you would have to be astral at the same time and know where to meet and when.

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