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Do deceased couples stay together on the other side?

Question:  Are my parents together on the other side?  How does that work?  What about if someone got divorced in life, are they reunited on the other side?

Answer:  Sometimes when I’m doing a reading for a client both of their parents do come through during the reading.  The way they present to me tells me more about their relationship than if they flat out told me what their situation was.

If a couple was happily together at the time of the first person’s demise, I usually see them come through together, as if they are holding hands or hugging.  It doesn’t really matter whether they were legally married or not; their closeness in death reflects how close they were in life.

If they were separated in life, as in their energy was separate from each other, I usually see them standing apart, with one parent behind the left shoulder and the other parent behind the right shoulder.  In this case it also doesn’t matter whether they were married or divorced… it’s more a statement of their closeness at the time of their demise.

Sometimes four parents will come through and I’ll have to discern who the step parents were and who is connected to whom.  Yes, it can get complicated.  But honestly that’s rare.  I usually only have one deceased person come through, and sometimes they bring through another member of the family.

During readings I will also see parents and deceased siblings come through together, i.e. the sitter’s brother and mother are deceased and they come through to me together.  How they present visually is an indicator of their closeness in life. 

Are they really all together on the other side hanging out all day shooting the breeze?  Yes and no.  From what I’ve been shown, some energies do choose to stick together, and some go their separate ways at death.  I wouldn’t say they’re sitting around shooting the breeze.  I think it’s more that they come together during a reading because of the opportunity to interact with their living loved one, and they use their energy to show me their relationship.  After a reading is over, they go back to what they were doing before the reading.

In short, you stick with the energies of people with whom you’ve made strong loving connections, and you part ways with those you don’t resonate with.  But just because you fight or argue with a loved one while incarnated, doesn’t mean you’ll separate out when you get to the other side.  Where there is love, there is connection.

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