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The Difference Between Being Capable and Being Ready

A while back Steve did a radio interview with a host and told her about me and what I do.  She was excited to hear that I was a professional intuitive and a psychic medium.  She had a colleague who hosted a radio show for Oprah Winfrey’s Sirius Radio channel.  She thought it would be great to hook the two of us up so I could be on the show.  Previous psychics on the show included John Edward, Sonia Choquette, and John Holland, and the show was regularly listened to by more than 2 million people.  At that point in time, I had not been a guest on a single radio show, nor had I exhibited my psychic abilities to a group.  I wasn’t sure I could do readings over the radio as my tuning in process can sometimes take a minute or two and I know that radio silence is something to be avoided.

In order to even be on the show, I had to be interviewed by the show’s producer.  Once we got on the phone we talked about my abilities and experiences.  He told me I would need to give him a very accurate and impressive reading on the phone right in that moment.  My heart started pounding with nervous energy, but it was a fair request.  When I tuned in, I immediately got information about his dating life as that seemed to be an area where he was struggling.  I quickly identified his main problem and the guides provided him a previously untried solution.  He was grateful.  Then he asked me if I sensed any deceased people around him.

I waited for someone to come through.  After a moment or two I started picking up the energy of a grandfather figure who came through with some validating information, including the fact that the producer was driving with a super low tank of gas that morning.  The producer laughed when I said that and confirmed that he was indeed running on fumes that morning and didn’t have time to stop for gas. 

The producer also told me that he had interviewed another psychic earlier that day and the same grandfather had come through for him as well.  After doing a 30 minute reading for the producer he decided I’d be a good candidate for the show. 

I was stunned.  To be honest, I wasn’t ready.  I wasn’t ready to showcase my abilities on an Oprah-sponsored radio show in front of 2 million people.  To me, that was like starting at the top, like being President of the United States without ever being in public office prior to that.  I wanted to get my feet wet and do some local radio show for like 200 listeners. 

After giving it careful thought, I told the producer that I appreciated the invitation but didn’t feel ready.  He understood completely and gave me some suggestions for getting ready, and also told me when I wanted to be on the show to email him and he’d set it up.  He was wonderfully encouraging and thanked me for the reading.

So what happened?  For a while I really beat myself up.  “Oh Erin, why didn’t you take that opportunity?  That was like a gift from God.  You should have done the show.”  But the truth is I wasn’t a vibrational match for that opportunity at that time.  I was obviously capable, but I wasn’t ready.  Not for that.  It took me some time but I realized there is a difference between being capable and being ready.

I know scores of people who are capable of achieving something they really want to do, but aren’t quite ready.  Like people who want to quit their jobs and go after that new career, people who want to end a dead relationship and find a new more empowering one, people who want to lose weight and regain their health and vitality, and so on.  And you know what?  It’s okay to be capable but not ready. 

Too often we “should” all over ourselves.  “I should quit my job.”  “I should leave this relationship.”  “I should stop eating donuts.”  When you’re really ready, when you’re really a vibrational match for your desire, you won’t have to “should” on yourself.  It will just happen.  Easily and effortlessly.  You’ll just let go of the old way and slip easily into the new.  In the meantime, keep your eye on your goal and work to become a vibrational match for it.

A year ago I really wanted to do a workshop.  All of my speaker friends told me I could do it, and I knew in my heart that they were right.  I’d been attending toastmasters and giving speeches for 3 years at that point and I had the necessary skills and abilities to put on a decent workshop.  But I wasn’t ready.  The thought of it made me really nervous.  Today, I am ready, and in fact eager, to share my knowledge on a stage to a group of people.  So I’m doing my first workshop in about 4 weeks.  Sure, I probably could have pushed myself to do the workshop a year ago, but I wasn’t a vibrational match for its success and I could easily have sabotaged myself.  Today I am congruent with this next step on my path, and I’m certain it will be a success and lead to more workshops in the future.

Are you in a similar situation?  Is there something you want to do but don’t feel quite ready for yet?  That’s alright.  Don’t force it.  Instead, prepare yourself.  Go at the pace that feels comfortable to you.  Don’t bow to peer pressure, societal pressure, pressure from a spouse/partner, or a well-intentioned crowd.  You’re the only one who knows your comfort level.

Now I’m not saying you should sit back and watch your goals recede into the distance.  I’m saying to walk the path but at your own pace.  Take your time, but keep moving forward.  Baby steps or large steps.  It’s your choice.

You’ll know when you’re ready because you’ll be eager.  You won’t have to be pushed, you’ll reach for it with both hands.  You won’t have to be coerced, you’ll be begging for the opportunity.  It will come.  If it’s meant to be, if it’s part of your highest path, it will happen.

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