Do aborted or miscarried babies come back?

Do Aborted or Miscarried Babies Come Back

Question: Do aborted or miscarried babies ever come back to the same parents later?

Answer:  I get variations on this question a lot.  If you lose a child either through abortion or miscarriage what happens to that baby’s soul?  Does it ever reincarnate back to the same parents or does it only get one chance?  The answer is sometimes yes and sometimes no.  It depends on several factors.

A child comes to a set of parents in three ways: by pre-arranged contract, by happenstance, and by accident.

Pre-arranged Contract
Sometimes before you incarnate you get with another soul and agree to be its future parent.  The soul who will be playing the part of your child waits for you to get to a point in your life that seems appropriate for him or her to incarnate.  Then whammo, pregnant, or if you’re a guy, your partner gets pregnant.  Doesn’t matter if you were consciously ready to have a child, sometimes the need and the contract outweigh the conscious desire.  So in this case, if you abort the pregnancy or if your body suffers a miscarriage, chances are good the child will make another attempt, unless the conditions under which it intended to incarnate change so drastically that your life is no longer suitable for it to explore its goals and desires.

By Happenstance
Sometimes you incarnate with no pre-arranged contract in the ether.  So you’re tooling along in life and decide to have a baby.  You send out the intention to the universe and your higher self scrambles around, holds auditions, does casting calls, etc. to find a soul that would be happy to play the part of your child.  Not pre-arranged, but still totally wonderful.  When your higher self finds you a soul and if the situation is good for everyone, that child will incarnate.  So if you abort or miscarry this baby’s body, that particular soul may or may not come back to you at a future date.  Its desire to be your particular child isn’t as strong or urgent as in the first case with the contract so it may move on to other parents or it may decide not to incarnate at all.

By Accident
In the third situation, you were not planning to have a child but either someone decided it wanted to incarnate with you, or you created a vessel that needed to be filled.  A suitable soul will be selected or has selected you without your conscious knowledge.  If you did not intend to have a child and you choose to abort the child or if you have a miscarriage, it may or may not come to you again.  That all depends on whether you want to have children, whether the child soul wants to incarnate to you, and whether the circumstances will be right in the future for it to have the life with you it wanted.

About 11 or 12 years ago a friend of mine was pregnant with twins, a boy and a girl.  During labor, her boy child passed away mysteriously in utero.  She had to deliver both babies, but her girl was alive and her boy was gone.  I felt very strongly this child would come back to her and that it would still be a boy.  Two years later to the DAY of her first child’s birth, she gave birth to the boy she originally lost.  The “twins” still had the same birthday, different year.  This child came back.

To sum up, a child who is lost through miscarriage or abortion has the capability of coming back to the same parents.  It will decide what is best based on circumstances, desire, and intent of all involved.  If you have lost a child and are hoping it will come back to you, ask it to.  Welcome it and invite that soul back.  It may come back as a different gender than it was originally.  That’s okay.  A soul decides what gender it will be at the time of selection.

Another question people ask me is whether their baby is okay on the other side.  Whether you lose a child through abortion, miscarriage, or early in its life, you have to remember that the size of its soul is not related to the size of its body.  While we always incarnate into a small shell, we are still “full grown” souls, so when we cross over, we are just fine.

Losing a child is never easy, but please rest assured there are no hard feelings, sadness, regrets, or anger on the part of the soul who goes early back to the ether.  It’s all part of the circle of life.  And it all works out perfectly in the end.  If there was a strong connection between you and the baby’s soul, you will see it again when you cross over.

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