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Is guidance from your higher self better than guidance from your spirit guides?

Question:  On your recent Teleseminar you mentioned that you communicate more often with your higher self than your guides.  Is that something we should all be doing?  I thought guides were there to, well, guide us.

Answer:  Both your higher self and your spirit guides are there to help you navigate your way through life, but they do serve different purposes and roles, so let’s talk about who you should consult and when.

A reminder that your higher self is your true essence, your soul, who you are when the veil that shrouds life is pulled back and you remember exactly who you are and where you came from.  Your higher self is the part of you that is most conscious, the operator to your avatar.  It’s like if life was a video game, the incarnated you is the character and the higher self is the gamer sitting behind the scenes eating pizza and drinking soda while influencing and guiding the character through the game of life.

Your spirit guides, on the other hand, were chosen by your higher self to help keep you on track as you navigate the maze of your life.  They are celestial beings who may or may not have ever been incarnated as humans, but are qualified to guide you.  Their job is to follow the boss’s orders and get you from point A to point B with as much learning, growth, happiness, and joy as possible.

I like to think of the higher self as the CEO of your company, and the spirit guides as managers.  Your higher self is the visionary, the leader, the one calling the shots, and your guides implement the strategies and directives set forth by your higher self.

So who should you consult when you need advice, help and answers?

In general, you would consult spirit guides when you want to know what’s coming up on your path.  Should you go left or right at the crossroads?  Should you study abroad?  Should you move to a new city?  Should you date the guy you met in your history class?  And so forth.  Your guides will be able to help you see where each path leads so you can make a good choice.

Your higher self, on the other hand, is a good person to consult when you want to remember your connection to Source, when you want to remember your message and why you incarnated, when you need love and support, and when you want to feel strong and empowered.  It’s not that your higher self can’t help you make a decision, but that’s really what the guides are best at. 

Commune with your higher self, consult your guides.  That’s my motto.

The reason I commune more often with my higher self than my guides is because at the moment my life is flowing totally easily and effortlessly in the direction I want it to go, so my guides are kicking back, taking a smoke break, and patting themselves on the back. 😉  I enjoy meeting with my higher self in my garden because it’s peaceful and I like her energy.

I suggest you connect with both your higher self and guides, just understand where each is focused and how each can help you best.

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