How To Pick a Psychic

Not all psychics are the same.  Like doctors, psychics have specialties.  Would you hire a podiatrist to perform your triple bypass?  Specialties matter.  If you’re seeking advice from a professional intuitive, it will benefit you greatly to select the person most capable of advising you on your particular situation, otherwise you may not get the clarity you’re seeking.  So what are these specialties?  Following are more than a dozen examples of psychic specialities.  Use this list as a guide when you want to hire a professional intuitive so you get what you’re seeking.

A medium will connect with your deceased loved ones on the other side.  Consult a medium when you want validation or confirmation that your loved ones are still around and watching over you.  No medium can guarantee that a certain spirit will come through, though, so be open to other relatives or friends who want to come through with messages for you.  A medium does not usually advise you on career, relationships, finances, health, but are often capable of doing so.

A psychic is going to tell you things about yourself and your past that you already know to confirm and validate that they are indeed receiving information from the other side.  Then they are going to tell you what’s coming up in your future.  Since you have free will, you can avoid anything negative that the psychic sees coming up for you.  A psychic will not always tell you about other paths that might serve you better; rather the psychic will simply tell you where you’re going to end up if you stay on the path you’re on and leave it up to you to change course. 

Intuitive Counselor
An intuitive counselor is a psychic who helps you understand why you’re in your current situation and how to get where you want to go in the future.  Like a psychic, an intuitive counselor will use her abilities to accurately identify what’s going on in your life (i.e. career, relationships, health, etc.), and then she will consult with your spirit guides to reconnect you with your life purpose and get you on track to fulfilling that purpose.  Like a therapist, an intuitive counselor will often identify areas of emotional blocks, limiting beliefs, and barriers that are keeping you from achieving your goals and being happy.  Unlike a traditional psychologist or therapist where you may spend years working on an issue, an intuitive counselor can often release your blocks in one session because she is tuned in to your spirit guides who know exactly what will help you move forward. An intuitive counseling session is a powerful growth tool that can shave years off your personal development.

A channeler opens his energy to other beings who come through with messages usually designed to provide understanding about issues related to being human.  Channelers usually don’t give personal advice, but rather comment on humanity’s trajectory as a whole; more of a universal guide with information that applies to all of us.  People can be conscious channelers, where they are aware of everything the celestial beings are saying, or they can be unconscious channelers, completely removed from their bodies during a session with no recollection of what was said.   Channelers are also referred to as trance channelers because they usually must go into trance to make a connection with the beings they are channeling.

Diviners use items such as tarot cards, pendulums, crystals, or the I Ching to divine answers to your questions.  They can advise you in the areas of career, relationships, finances, health, etc, using their divination tools to deliver messages from your guides.  Usually diviners have psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, or clairsentience, but sometimes diviners have simply studied how to interpret their tools and don’t need advanced psychic abilities at all to help you.

Angel Therapists
Angel therapy is a spiritual healing practice where the practitioner connects with your angels to provide you with guidance, wisdom, insights, comfort, and healing when you need it most.  Angels provide protection and emotional comfort during trying times in our lives.  If you are suffering emotionally, then finding an angel therapist could be just the right thing for you.  Often religious people who don’t feel comfortable seeing a psychic can comfortably retain the services of an angel therapist.

Psychic Detective
Psychic detectives use their psychic abilities to assist law enforcement, detectives, and private citizens by uncovering information designed to lead to the capture and arrest of people who break the law.  They can be useful in finding lost items as well.  Generally, psychic detectives work with the police or private investigators, but some also do private psychic readings for people.

An astrologer looks at the alignment of your planets at the time of your birth to predict events, situations, and issues you are here to work on in this incarnation.  They can sometimes tell you what’s coming up for you, and they can also detect information about your past incarnations as they relate to current issues you’re working on.  Astrologers can also tell you what your dominant personality traits are, and how you will relate to other people, such as future partners, by looking into the compatibility of your charts.  An astrologer is sometimes psychic, but doesn’t have to be in order to work up your chart for you.

Numerology is the study of numbers and their symbolism.  A numerologist can determine your personality, strengths, weaknesses, talents, and life obstacles by studying information like your date of birth, your name, or your address.  Here again a person does not have to have any psychic ability to practice numerology, but some do have psychic abilities that they use to assist in the interpretation of the numbers’ meanings.

Medical Intuitive
A medical intuitive specializes in identifying problems or issues you’re having in your physical body that may have an energetic cause.  A medical intuitive can help diagnose an ailment you’re having, and also help determine the underlying spiritual reason that you developed the problem.  In doing so, you can correct your energetic imbalance which should have a positive effect on your physical condition.  Sometimes medical intuitives will comment on other areas of your life, but that is generally not their purpose.

Past Life Therapist
A past life therapist will often use hypnosis or other meditative techniques to help you remember past life events (and sometimes future lives as well!).  In so doing, a past life therapist can help you identify the cause of blocks or fears that are presenting to you in this life that may be holding you back from achieving your goals.  Remembering your past lives is not usually necessary for most people, but it can give you tremendously valuable insights as to areas where you are blocked, phobic, or extremely gifted.

A parapsychologist is someone who has made a study of the paranormal.  These people are more scientist than psychic.  Parapsychologists don’t usually consult with individuals.  Instead, they are doing research and studying paranormal activity.  However, if you have a question or want information about the paranormal, a parapsychologist is a good resource.

A demonologist is someone who studies demons, plain and simple.  They know how to identify, handle and expel demons or other negative entities that might be bothering you.  Hopefully you will never need to consult a demonologist, but if you do, be thankful they exist.

Yes, exorcists do exist.  If you think you or a loved one are being possessed by a demon, you’ll want to find an exorcist.  Find a priest or minister trained in the art of exorcism.  You can also find some psychics who have studied exorcism.  Just be sure to get someone who knows what they’re doing and has experience actually exorcising demons.  It’s tricky business and best not left to amateurs.

Reiki Practitioner
Reiki (pronounced ray-kee) practitioners channel energy from the Universe to heal, reduce stress, and relax their clients.  Reiki masters have studied the art of drawing energy from Source through their hands and into your energy field.  Sometimes Reiki practitioners can pick up information from your auric field and identify issues or problems that need work.  Some can even pick up information about past life traumas.

Psychometrists can divine information about people and events simply by holding an object that belongs to a person or that has been present at an event.  Psychometrists can read the history of an object just by touching it or being near it.  They are reading the imprint of energy left behind on the object.  If you own something or inherit something and you don’t know its history, a psychometrist may be able to help you.

Those are just 16 of the more common types of psychics out there.  There are many more professions that use some form of psychic abilities including shamans, dream walkers, pet psychics, spiritual healers, precognitives, remote viewers, alchemists, soul realignment practitioners, feng shui consultants, etc.

Also, professional intuitives could have more than one specialty.  For example, I am a psychic, a medium, and an intuitive counselor.  Depending on my clients and their needs, I wear one or all of those hats during a reading.  I have some talent and ability at channeling, which is something I haven’t done much publically but may at some future date.  I’ve studied Reiki but it’s not for me, and I’ve done some work for law enforcement as a psychic detective, but that’s also not a path that pulls me strongly.  Because of my lifetime of paranormal experiences, I am often consulted by those who have negative entity attachments or who are haunted by ghosts who won’t go away.  I’ve gone on “missions” with paranormal researchers, aka ghost hunters, but that’s also not something I spend a lot of time doing.

Within each specialty you’ll even find sub-specialties.  Some intuitives specialize in career advice but don’t know much about ghosts.  Some like to channel messages of love and  hope, but can’t tell you that you’re about to be laid off.  Some are airy fairy and some are very grounded and analytical.  When you consult an intuitive do a little research to make sure you’ll be working with someone who can help you in the area in which you need help.  Make sure you’re connecting with someone who comes from love and a strong desire to help you.  Avoid the frauds, charlatans, and darkworkers who use fear to scam you out of your money.  Always read testimonials, get referrals from friends, ask questions about their specialties, and see if you feel called to consult them.  Just remember to seek out the specialist who can help you best and respect the fact that all intuitives have their own strengths and weaknesses, just like specialists in other fields.

It takes training, commitment, time, and love to be a professional intuitive.  When you select a psychic, choose one that is completely dedicated to their craft and has a good reputation.  Don’t tell the psychic your life story before you have the consultation; it leaves them with little information they can use for validation.  Likewise, don’t clam up your energy so tight that your psychic has nothing to work with.  Be open, honest, and ready for a life-changing experience.

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