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Is Evil Really Winning?

You hear it all the time. The world is going to hell in a handbasket. The news is all bad. The bad guys are winning. Where is the good in the world? Recession, war, poverty, disease, injustice, crime, global warming. We seem to be riddled with it like a plague infecting our entire planet. An alien ship passing overhead monitoring our news stations might just nuke us from space to put us out of our misery.

But are we really in rough shape or do we just think we are?

I think most of us are aware that bad news sells better than good news. I think we’re also aware that hype sells better than simple truth. People don’t seem to want to read about people’s fortunes, but their misfortunes. So if all we’re being exposed to is the bad news in the world, obviously we’re going to draw the conclusion that the world is in trouble and sliding in to the pit of despair. But is it?

So let’s look around see what’s really happening. What’s going on around you personally? Who are the people around you? What do you see?

When I look around me I see a lot of lightworkers, people who care about humanity and are doing what they can to help. I see people who are generous with their time and friendship. I see people rescuing animals, caring for small children who are sick, and giving the homeless man some money. I see good neighbors who look after other people’s children playing on the street. I see people who meditate, raising their vibration, so they can pass their good cheer on to others. I see people telling the truth, living with integrity and honesty, and paying their taxes even when there are other things they’d like to do with their money. I see people excited to be in a new relationship. I see people studying together, learning and growing together, and passing on their wisdom to their fellow man.

I see good people. Honest, caring, compassionate people.

People don’t want more war, crime, disease, poverty, injustice. The people I know want peace, love, and justice. They’d rather see everyone get what they need than only hoard supplies for themselves. Is that just the people I hang out with? Or is it most people?

Think about the people in your daily life, the ones you interact with the most. Are these good people or evil people? Are they frightened, living in fear? Are they expressing a desire to see war, crime, poverty, and disease continue or are they just trying to make it in this world?

I think that as long as people desire love, peace, and justice then we can achieve it. It’s when people stop caring about these things that we’re truly sunk. As long as there are people out there who care about the well being of the planet, we can make it. We can shift the planet back to love. We can swing the pendulum to peace.

The news might be full of what’s wrong in the world, but it’s up to us to see what’s right in the world. And we see that by looking into the hearts of our fellow man. When I stop seeing love, I’ll know we’re in trouble. Right now, I see love. What do you see? What’s in your own heart?

Be in the world what you want to see in the world. When we are, we become. When the people of the world are love, are peace, we will have love and peace in the world. Do not despair. The light is in your heart and no one can extinguish it unless you let them. Do not fear. There is yet hope.

The state of our world cannot be gauged by what you see on the news, but by what you see in the hearts of men and women the world over. That is what prevails.

Is evil winning? I don’t think so. Not as long as there is love in the hearts of humanity. Hang on to love.

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