How does psychometry work?

PsychometryQuestion: Can you explain how psychometry works? I’d like to try it and I’m not sure how to make it work.

Answer: Psychometry is the ability to touch or hold an object and get information about the history of the object such as who owned it, where it’s been, and what it’s about.

I don’t have a lot of experience with psychometry as it’s not a tool I use during intuitive counseling sessions. However, I have had a couple of experiences with it that I’ll share to give you some insight.

At the I Can Do It conference one year, I was sitting in the audience listening to one of the psychics and he asked us to find a partner and get an object from him or her. So I turned to the guy next to me and we partnered up. He gave me a copper bracelet and I gave him my grandmother’s wedding ring. We were told to just hold the object and share impressions we were getting to see if we were right. When I held his copper bracelet I immediately saw an image of him and his father buying two bracelets, like friendship bracelets, only the father bought a cloth bracelet while my partner got the copper one. I asked my partner if that made sense to him and he excitedly told me that I was exactly right. He and his father had bought two bracelets to symbolize their friendship as father/son and he got the copper bracelet while his dad chose a cloth bracelet. Next I saw an image of my partner putting the copper bracelet on a dresser in a little dish each night before he went to bed and I could distinctly hear this little clinking sound when it hit the dish. I knew intuitively that when he heard the little clink, he would think of his father, far away with his bracelet. He confirmed that he did indeed do that each night and that the clink was important to him. I was really surprised at my accuracy because I had never done psychometry before.

A couple of years later I was at another conference and James Van Praagh was doing a psychometry demonstration as well. We were told to give our partner something that we had owned for a long time, and that had great sentimental meaning to us. So I turned to the woman next to me and partnered with her and she gave me a little leather change purse. As I tuned in I expected to get a decent and fair amount of information but all I got was that she was alone when she bought it and that it was part of a bigger set, like she bought a purse and got the little change purse with it. She confirmed that I was accurate. I couldn’t get anything else from the object. I felt disappointed in myself, but she then revealed that after she had bought the purse she never actually used the little change purse and today, at the conference, was the only time she had ever used it. So it pretty much had no history with her, nor any energy attached to it, and it certainly wasn’t sentimental.

Here’s what I learned about psychometry from these two experiences:

Psychometry definitely works better when the object has a strong history and sentimental value to the object’s owner. Just grabbing a random object from someone’s home may not provide much data. So if you’re going to try to do psychometry, definitely try it with an object that has a strong connection to its owner.

I also learned to use my dominant intuitive modalities to discern information about an object. Intuitive modalities include clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance. I am strongest in clairvoyance and clairaudience so I used those two modalities to see and hear information. If you’re clairsentient you might only get feelings. For example a clairsentient holding the copper bracelet may have felt love and friendship, and maybe a familial feeling, but maybe wouldn’t have known the history of how the two bracelets were purchased. So information can come in many forms. Use the intuitive modality that works best for you.

I learned also that it doesn’t matter what the object is made of. Energy doesn’t stick better to metal than cloth. If the item is infused with a lot of personal energy and means something important to the owner, you’ll be able to pick up information from it.

If you’d like to try psychometry, I suggest sitting down with a partner and have him or her bring several objects that mean a lot to him or her. Take one item in hand, close your eyes, breathe a few times, clear your mind of logic, and let your intuition feed you information using your dominant modality. Express what you’re getting and let your partner give you feedback. Don’t worry if you get something wrong. Practice makes perfect. Sometimes you’ll get an accurate feeling but misinterpret what it means. Keep trying. Once you’ve exhausted the information you’re getting, move on to the next object. If you’re having trouble picking up information, ask questions to help trigger information such as “how many owners has this object had?” “Where was this object purchased?” “Was it given as a gift?” “Did a male or female give you this object?” And so on.

What purpose does psychometry serve? Some psychics use psychometry to do detective work. Holding a murder weapon could give you a lot of information about the murderer. You can bet there is strong energy in a murder weapon even if it was used only once. Some psychics use psychometry to create a stronger connection while doing a reading for their client, so they’ll ask to hold an item, like jewelry, when they do a reading.

Psychometry is fun. You don’t have to be a pro to accurately get information using this tool. Try it with a friend and see what happens. Practice makes perfect!

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