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How many spirit guides do I have?

How many spirit guides do I haveQuestion: I have done some meditations to meet my spirit guides, but I’m not quite sure how many I’m supposed to have. Do we have just one guide, a dozen, or what? Do I need to communicate with all of them or will one suffice?

Answer: During readings people often ask me how many spirit guides they have. When I tune in for a reading, the guides come to me as a collective energy, not as individual guides. However, if I ask them to separate themselves out, they will show me who they are. When I’ve done this, I usually end up speaking to a dominant guide, like a spokesperson. In the background I can sense whether there are 4 other guides, 10 other guides, etc, but it usually isn’t necessary for me to speak with all of them individually. I can feel their energy hovering near.

So the short answer is… you have more than one guide, but as to how many you have, there’s a wide range and I couldn’t say for sure unless I engaged with every single one of them and counted.

More importantly, let’s talk about what kind of guides you have.

First, there are the guides who stay with you your entire life. These are guides who are in it for the long haul. They are life guides, and are extremely familiar with your life plan, and have agreed to help you on your path. There’s very little chance these guides will take off during your life time.

Then there are the part-timers. These are guides who are less dominant in your life, but might be around to help you with a certain aspect of your life, such as relationships or career or health. These guides may not solely “belong” to you; they may actually be assisting multiple people.

Then there are the temporary guides. These are guides brought in to help you with a specific crisis or task who jump in to assist and jump right back out again when the task or crisis is complete. They are usually brought in by your higher self or your dominant guide, and usually because they have experience or expertise in the task or crisis you are handling.

And what about the trusty old conduit guide? If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know about my conduit guide, Bob. He’s a guide who was specifically assigned to me when I became a professional intuitive. He does not advise me on my own life. He only connects me with other guides so I can do readings, and he guards me from being bombarded by energies when I’m not working otherwise I would never get to relax.

As far as who to connect with and when… connecting with your dominant guide is probably the best thing to do first. Establishing a clear and strong bond with him or her will get you pretty far, because he or she can pass on information from other guides as necessary. If that’s all you ever do, that will be plenty. If you want to, though, get to know your other guides, and call upon them specifically if you need help.

To sum up, it’s not the quantity but quality of your spiritual posse that matters. Trust in your higher self’s wisdom in selecting guides that will help you navigate the maze of your life. Then learn to trust and listen to those guides when you need guidance.

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