Paranormal Investigation of the Amargosa Hotel – Part 4

Spooky Hollow HallWe now continue with Part 4 of the Paranormal Investigation of the Amargosa Hotel. Read Parts One, Two, and Three if you haven’t already.

Entering Spooky Hollow
Spooky Hollow is the area of the hotel that used to house the Borax mine workers. I hope it wasn’t called Spooky Hollow when they were living there! Today it is a filthy, rat-infested, broken-down, ruined building full of thick dust, spiders, and remnants of furniture that someone used to comfortably use. It’s the perfect spot for old energy to linger.

Honestly, Matty and I were both a little nervous to enter Spooky Hollow. The entity who “lives” there had already tracked me down in my bedroom and now I was walking right into his domain. I expected to be assaulted immediately. Dana went in first, throwing glow sticks on the ground as beacons so we could find our way out in the dark. Because we were going in with infrared cameras, we were forbidden to use our white flashlights. Maury gave me a red flashlight to use, but it didn’t even come close to casting enough light for my comfort. We put on our dust masks, hoped we didn’t contract Hanta Virus (saw lots of rat droppings) and headed in. Maury had cameras strategically placed at the entrance to the long hallway, and Ted and Jamie were filming us as we walked down the corridor.

I went very slowly, taking it all in, one room at a time. I was loathe to even walk into a single room, preferring to remain in the hallway and just peak in. Dana had no fear whatsoever, and was snapping photos of the rooms as we went. I stayed close to him!

However, I didn’t actually feel any energy assaulting me. In fact, the more I walked up and down the hallway, the better I felt. I didn’t feel a scary energy at all. And I started to wonder if I had been wrong about what attacked me back in June. It probably helped that I was surrounded by 4 men and 2 women, all of whom I knew would watch my back and get me out of there if something bad happened. I started to relax and open myself up so I could make contact and channel anything that was in there.

After we had explored several of the rooms, Maury asked me if I was feeling drawn to any particular rooms. I was. There were three rooms in particular where I felt the most conscious energy and emotional residue. So Maury, Jamie, Ted, and I went to those rooms for a conversation and channeling. Dana, Pam, and Matty stayed further back down the hall.

I felt a powerful dark presence instructing me not to follow. I obeyed. –Matty

I tuned out the living and tuned in the dead. Immediately I made contact with the entity who dwelled there. I almost had no awareness of what the others were doing as I was so focused on getting a good connection with this fellow. Maury started asking me what I was seeing. I told her I saw men being dragged down the hallway and brought to this particular guy for punishment. People feared him terribly. He was definitely the head honcho, man in charge of these workers. She told me he went by a certain name that other psychics had picked up and she wanted to see if I could pick up the same name. When I told her the name I was getting, she very excitedly told me I was exactly correct. That was awesome! Maury asked me not to reveal the name publically because she uses it to validate other psychics’ accuracy when they come to investigate. Maury also asked about his unusual ethnicity, which I also received accurately. I also picked up on some specific violent episodes and incidents that happened there. Maury has heard the same exact thing from many other psychics who have investigated Spooky Hollow.

Ted was really impressed by what was happening; I don’t think he’s ever seen a psychic in action. He started interviewing me right there in the pitch dark. He wanted to know how I was hearing and seeing this information when he couldn’t hear or see anything. I explained about clairaudience and clairvoyance which is the psychic ability to receive information through images and auditory communication. They were excited to be filming this whole sequence as they had previously been filming without an intuitive present and weren’t getting much.

I gathered much of this information as well, even though I chose not to actively engage the entity. I can corroborate what Erin received. –Matty

One thing that started happening while I was in communication with this guy is that I actually started reading him and his energy the way I do during my regular intuitive readings I give clients. I started picking up on his distant past, his origins, his childhood, his relationship with his family, his motivation for going to California. Some of what I picked up on was disturbing and I started sympathizing with the entity. I started to feel sorry for him. He didn’t like that one bit. In fact, he got pretty angry. I felt his energy fly to the other end of the hall, and I literally felt like he was blocking our exit. I started walking in that direction, anxious to leave. I reconnected with Matty, Pam, and Dana, and asked Matty how he was doing. He said he was staying closed as he didn’t feel safe opening up in there. That was probably a good move. But he stated to me that he felt the energy had shifted to the front end of the hall and neither of us wanted to walk through it.

That entity totally Scooby-Dooed us. It sneaked around behind us while we investigated another room. –Matty

I called to Dana. “Yo Dana!” “Yep?” he replied. “Could you walk through the doorway there and lead us on out?” “Okay,” he replied nonchalantly and walked confidently out of the hall. Yes I was using Dana like an energy machete to cut a swath through the angry energy. I was almost sure he’d be just fine. 😉

We left Spooky Hollow and went back into the hotel area. I could breathe a lot easier once we were out, both physically and psychically. We went back to our room for another rest. It was close to midnight.

Setting up in Sunset
Apparently, we weren’t done in Spooky Hollow. Maury had something special planned. Paralleling Spooky Hollow is a long strip called the Sunset Porch. It’s in the same condition as the rooms in Spooky Hollow, but it’s a long narrow strip of wide open area. Maury had set up a card table in this area and she said that she would sometimes have groups sit there and play cards and they would get some good EVP (electronic voice phenomenon).

We were getting some interesting EVP action throughout the night. Periodically Maury would have us stand completely still and quiet and she would ask the spirits to give us signs of their presence. We would then hear strange noises like knocking, banging, wailing, and creaking sounds. When she would ask them to repeat themselves, they would. Maury told us to let her know if it was one of us making the sounds, so if our stomach growled or our shoe squeaked we announced it so she could correlate it later when she listened to the recording.

Although Erin, Maury and Matty heard voices at times I never did. I did however hear other sounds at various times during the night and I believe Dana did also.–Pam

Pam, Matty, and I waited in the hotel room while Dana, Maury, Ted and Jamie set up in the Sunset Room. I was getting more tired and my feet were hurting me from standing so long. I figured we’d do the Sunset Room and call it a night.

The Card Table
When they were ready for us, Maury led us to the card table she had placed in the middle of the long hall. She had chairs placed around the table. The table was covered with signatures and messages from other people who had been down there. We all sat down and she pulled out some items for the spirits to “play with” including a deck of cards and a magnadoodle in case the spirits wanted to write something down.

When questioned Maury admitted that none of the spirits had ever actually used the magnadoodle.–Pam

Then we turned off all the lights. All of them. We were sitting in complete darkness. This didn’t feel good to me at all. I felt like we were in a zombie movie and the light was the only thing keeping the baddies at bay, and turning off the light gave them permission to frenzy feed on us. Maury said we couldn’t use our flashlights because of the cameras. I asked Dana if he happened to have a red glow stick, as red was the only light we could use that wouldn’t interfere with the infrared cameras. Sure enough, he did. He cracked it and threw it down on the table. It wasn’t much, and I still couldn’t see anyone’s face, but it made me feel better to see light so I focused on it.

The red glow stick gave me such a sense of comfort. Just sitting there waiting for something to happen was not a good feeling. Again, the air was extremely thick, even the dust was strange, and I felt somewhat nauseous.–Pam

I picked the worst possible seat. I sat with my back facing the far end of the hall. I immediately regretted this decision. –Matty

Matty, Maury, and I were all feeling encroaching energy coming near us. At one point Maury said to Matty, “We’re getting some play behind you there.” Matty said, “Uh, define play.” It was really funny and we all laughed. After a few minutes though the energy was even thicker around us. It was like sitting in a shark cage and then having someone slowly lower the bars of the cage, and you could feel the sharks circling and getting up the nerve to attack.

And attack they did…

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The Photos

Is this where they put spirits when they’ve been bad?

People come in and hang angels in the rooms. I don’t think it helps much.

The ghosts of Spooky Hollow prefer Pepsi.

Most of the rooms had old decrepit furniture in them.

spooky hollow
This is why safety is important. Walking around on this stuff in the dark is dangerous.

spooky hollow
Spooky mattress in Spooky Hollow

This must be the work of a poltergeist. No human could stack chairs like that. 😉

Spooks read spooky novels in Spooky Hollow

Do NOT go in there! Whew!

There’s a big what behind me? A shadow?

Dana in Spooky Hollow

The card table.

The Sunset Room

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