Ready For a New Career?

Are you currently working in a career that no longer interests you? Have you lost your passion or desire to continue working in your current job? Have you decided that it’s time to make a change? Maybe you know what you’d like to do and maybe you don’t. You just know you need out of your current situation.

Career transition is the number one reason people book readings with me. They want to know what they should be doing instead of what they’re currently doing. Or, if they already have a clear idea of where they’d like to go, they want to know how to get there. I have helped well over 1000 people transition into careers that are more in line with their purpose in life, their mission, their path, their passion, etc. But how do you decide what else to do? Or if you already know what you want, how do you make the transition? Let’s use an analogy.

Let’s imagine you’re driving a car. It’s the car you got after college. You’ve been driving this car for a long time. You’ve put a lot of time, love, and energy into this car. You maintain it, you fill it with high quality gas, and it’s always gotten you where you need to go. You’ve put a lot of miles on this car, and it’s seen you through some tough times. This car has gotten you places you only dreamed you could go. It’s sturdy, and you’re excellent at driving this car. People identify you by this car. Periodically, you get your car detailed. You improve your car. You get nicer hub caps, slap on a fresh coat of paint, get better tires, and maybe even a rear spoiler. You’ve invested so much into this car. Your energy is completely tied in to this car. This car is your career. And if you want to, you can drive this car until it becomes a classic and you take it to car shows and show off the years of experience you’ve extracted from this vehicle. It could become an antique. If you want.

But what if you find you’re sick and tired of driving this car. Sure, it was your dream car out of college. And at the time, it seemed like the most awesome car you could ever own. Or maybe it wasn’t your dream car but you bought it anyway because it was reliable, sturdy, economic, or even a gift from a loved one. But then it happens. One day you wake up and realize you don’t want to drive this car anymore. You want a new vehicle. Something more aligned with who you are today. Or maybe the car breaks down (you got laid off) and you need a new car pronto! What do you do?

If you know what kind of car you want, it’s pretty easy to find. But sometimes you’ve been driving the old car so long you don’t even know what’s available anymore. You start thinking about it. You check in with your passion to see what the new dream car is. Is it a sports car? A luxury vehicle? A large passenger van? A Jeep? What do you want to experience now? And is there a car that is more suited to you than the old car?

This is often the situation when people book a reading with me. Clients come to me in one of three states. 1) I know what I want, can you help me get it? 2) I don’t know what I want, can you help me figure that out? 3) I don’t want anything, what’s wrong with me? 😉

I know what I want
“Erin, I’m currently an applications programmer for the gas company, but I want to teach men how to relate better to women. What vehicle should I use?” That’s like telling a salesperson, “I want a sports car, show me what you’ve got!” So your guides take you to a room where you see a line of sports cars. You’ve got your Porches, Ferraris, and Lamborghinis. That’s metaphorically equivalent to “speaker, writer, life coach.” “But, Erin, which one is best? Which should I pick?” And that’s when you and your guides get into a nifty discussion about the features and benefits of each car. You really can’t go wrong. Any way you slice it, you’re walking out of there with a sports car. Sometimes there’s one that totally captures your eye, and sometimes they all look so good you end up buying them all! But you’re trading in your old car for a new one that suits you better. Maybe you need to save up a little before you can buy it, but the universe has a layaway plan if you’re willing to invest in it each month.

I don’t know what I want
Sometimes people know they just want to discard their old car but they have no idea what kind of car they want. That’s when you and I and your guides sit down and have a nice chat about who you’ve become, what you desire, and what’s going to be the best car for your current needs. We go over sports cars, economy cars, off-roading vehicles, etc. By the time we’re done it’s clear what kind of vehicle you’re looking for, and then we go shopping for one that’s most suitable.

I don’t want to drive anymore
Then I get the clients who are just so tired of driving they want to ditch their vehicles and walk for a while. That works best if you have some money saved up, or a partner willing to support you while you ponder Walden Pond. It’s fine to ditch the career for awhile while you find yourself again. When you’re ready to drive again, we can get you into another vehicle that is suitable for you.

The Transition
Once you know what car you want to drive, make plans to get it. Maybe you’re in a good position and can dump your old car immediately and jump right into your new car. Kudos! Or maybe you need to save up for it (just don’t spend your time and money on frivolous whims that will delay you from getting your new car). Maybe you need to learn how to drive your new vehicle (i.e. getting more education or certification). You may still need to drive your old car while waiting for your new car to be ready. If thats the case, don’t bother putting new tires on the old car, just keep it running until your new car arrives from the dealership.

You can have the career you want, but you must identify it, determine what you need to do to make it happen, and then take action. If you can’t do that on your own, your spirit guides are standing by to help you. They can get you into a new car-eer faster than you can say “no money down and 0% financing.” You don’t have to drive that old car until it dies or kills you. But until you decide you want something new, you’re stuck with what you’ve got.

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