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What does it mean when you get the chills on one side of your body?

Question: Sometimes I’ll be having a conversation with someone and they’ll say something that causes me to get chills down one side of my back. Does that mean something? Is it a spiritual sign of something?

Answer: I first heard about this phenomenon from Doreen Virtue, resident angel expert. She said when you get chills down one side of your body it means the angels are present and acknowledging that truth is being spoken.

I myself often get that one-sided body chill when I’m doing a reading for someone and something profound comes from the guides that really resonates with my client. It also happens when my client says something that really resonates with their guides. It’s sort of a “ding ding ding” indicator of correctness.

For example, if my client says, “Right now I’m a receptionist for a construction company but what I’ve always wanted to do is write children’s books that show kids how to stand up to bullies.” A sudden chill down one side of my back is a strong indicator that what my client just said is true, accurate, and profoundly important; that a connection was made between a desire and a goal.

I also get chills when communicating with deceased people, though it doesn’t happen every time. Usually just when a very important validation is coming through. For example I might say, “She’s showing me gardenias in front of her house,” and my client says, “Yes, she had two gardenia bushes on either side of her front door,” and then I get a sudden chill. It’s confirmation that energy was transmitted and interpreted accurately.

Where do the chills come from? I believe chills are a physical manifestation of an energetic truth.; a harmonic resonance when something important, profound, and true is being spoken. Imagine a beam of energy hitting your energetic body and passing through your physical body along the way. This manifests as a chill down one side of your back.

And really, it’s not a chill is it? It’s a tingling sensation that runs down one side of your body. That’s energy. Getting the chills is like strumming the strings on a musical instrument. It’s total harmony and resonance.

Take note of the next time you get the chills. Whether they come from the angels, the guides, the universe, or your deceased relative, they are a good indication that truth is being spoken. Pay close attention. Take action on what you were talking about when the chills occurred. Or simply acknowledge the truth and continue on with your day. In any case, the chills are a good sign.

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