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Can you pull people out of their bodies astrally?

Question: Is it possible to go astral, fly to a friend’s house, yank them out of their bodies, and go traveling on the astral plane together? If so, how do I do this, and will my friend remember the experience?

Answer: Ah the joys of astral travel with a buddy. Once you’ve learned how to successfully astral project, isn’t it natural that you’d want to share the joy with a friend? But if your friend doesn’t know how to astral project, how will you get him out?

If you can get out of your own body, by all means, fly to your friend’s house and try to get their attention. If your friend is fully awake, they won’t be able to see you and may not even know you’re there. So wait until they are asleep when you stand a greater chance of being seen by their astral self.

You won’t be able to tap them on the shoulder or scream their name, so you want to gently push some energy towards them so it comes into contact with their astral field. Many people sense danger when you do this, though, so don’t be surprised if doing this actually wakes them up or just firmly ensconces them in their bodies to avoid the assault they interpret as you.

If your friend knows you’re coming, that’s always better, as they may not block or shield themselves from you. So once you get their attention, they may open their energy to you. If your friend knows how to astral project, it will be easy for them to separate at this point. If they don’t, you can merge some of your energy with theirs and telepathically encourage them to leave the warm, safe confines of their body to travel with you. This is unlikely to occur if the person has never astral traveled before. The physical body holds tight to its astral body and doesn’t let it go easily. Be loving and encouraging, never forceful. A body in fear does not release its astral self.

If you see your friend slip out of his body, you can go fly around together and both of you should remember the experience. But it’s just not as easy as it seems like it should be. It’s easy to be distracted on the astral plane by other creatures that roam there. It’s also easy to slip into different frequencies so that you’re on one plane and he’s on another. And most astral experiences last only a few seconds to a few minutes before someone gets overly excited and is pulled back to their body. But keep trying and keep practicing.

You can also try asking your friend to meet you somewhere prearranged at a certain time. This has the benefit of you not having to go play tug of war with your friend’s body, but the odds of both of you getting there at the same time are pretty small. There is no sense of time on the astral plane, and I don’t know too many people who know what time it is while they are sleeping. If you’re very accomplished travelers, though, you can certainly set an alarm to wake you at a certain time and then go astral immediately and meet at the rendezvous point. Otherwise, plan to spend a long time waiting at that lightpost on the corner for your friend to arrive.

I’ve had a few experiences where I successfully astral traveled with a friend, but we were both very experienced and were waging war against a demonic entity at the time, so the stakes were high and we were both very committed to the experience.

I’ve also had several experiences where I encountered family members sleeping in the house with me and I would see their astral bodies inside their sleeping bodies and attempt to make contact or provide reassurance. Sometimes my family or friends would “call” my astral self to them if they were being attacked by a lower vibrational astral entity. That was alright with me as I became very comfortable interacting with and dispelling lower vibrational beings when necessary and was happy to do it for them.

If you can’t astral travel with your friends, you may be able to find other humans on the astral plane to interact with. Again, you have to be on the same plane and frequency and learn how to communicate without words, but what a fun way to make a new friend. 😉

Remember, kids, you must always astral travel safely. You don’t want to bring something back with you. You don’t want to encourage entities to hover around you while you’re awake, leeching and sucking off your considerable energy. And you don’t want to become so enamored with astral projection that you forget to sleep and let your body and mind restore itself. But for occasional use, it’s just fine.

Happy and safe traveling!

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