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How to Develop Claircognizance

claircognizanceClaircognizance is one of the primary intuitive modalities people use to get knowledge and information psychically. Claircognizance, or clear-knowing, refers to the ability to simply know something to be true even without supporting knowledge or logic or reason. You “just know.” The three other primary intuitive modalities are clairvoyance (clear-seeing), clairaudience (clear-hearing), and clairsentience (clear-feeling) which have corresponding physical senses such as sight, sound, and physical sensation (touch) respectively. Claircognizance doesn’t have a corresponding physical sense so it’s harder to know that you have it and harder to develop it.

Most people will identify themselves with one of the other three primary intuitive modalities, however claircognizance is a valid and powerful modality because it’s the least likely to be misinterpreted. With clairvoyance, for example, you may receive a metaphorical image or scene and have to interpret what it means, much like you might interpret a dream. A lot can go wrong if you misinterpret that information. With clairaudience you may hear something like “don’t get on the freeway” but not know why, so it’s easy for logic to tell you that you’re imagining things. And with clairsentience, it can be extremely difficult to interpret bodily sensations and translate that into a clear action to take. But with claircognizance, the information comes through so powerfully and with such certainty that logic is kicked to the curb and sent packing.

How do you know if you have claircognizance? You’ll just know. 😉 Just kidding. But seriously, you’ll begin to have experiences where you will receive guidance that is so strong, and for which you are so certain, that to go against it will be almost impossible. Or you’ll receive information that is so clear, so accurate, and so strong that you hear yourself speaking it almost before you can analyze what you’re saying.

For example, “I don’t know why I left the party so suddenly, I just knew I had to get out of there.” Or, “I don’t know what it is about that guy, I just know I don’t want to do business with him.” Or, “I just knew I was going to be in an accident today. I don’t know how I knew, I just knew.” There is no rhyme or reason, no logic you can point to, no information gained through regular channels. Just pure knowledge downloaded directly into your brain with no interpretation required, and no room for misunderstanding.

So how do you develop claircognizance? Any intuitive modality is like a muscle, and will improve the more you use it. The reason this is one of the hardest modalities to develop is because it’s hard to practice. How do you practice receiving information instantly? It either comes or it doesn’t. But here are a few ways you can help it come and nurture it once you’ve got it.

1. Ask your guides to give it to you claircognizantly. Literally tell your guides that you’d like to develop claircognizance and ask them to download information to you instantly instead of how you usually receive intuitive guidance.
2. Become aware of when you are having a claircognizant moment. If you hear yourself saying in hindsight, “Ah man, I just knew it,” then try to remember when you received the information in the first place so you can begin to become aware of how claircognizantly transmitted messages feel.
3. Act on your claircognizant transmissions BEFORE it’s too late. Instead of saying, “Ah man, I just knew it,” you want to be saying, “Uh oh, here it comes, I’m outta here.” The more you take action ahead of time, the stronger your ability will become.
4. Trust the ability. If you receive a claircognizant transmission and you ignore it, your muscle will atrophy. Your guides will find other ways of getting you information.
5. Pump up your power chakra. Claircognizance can often be given a boost if you are naturally confident, strong willed, and assertive. It’s the clair that requires the most power, assertion, and confidence to wield. So if you can bump up your power chakra (that’s number 3, your solar plexus, yellow) it’s like creating a container that can house this powerhouse of a clair.

Like I said, claircognizance is very powerful because it requires no interpretation. All of the other clairs are more recognizable and more common, but all of them can fall apart in the interpretation. So if you’ve got claircognizance, consider yourself lucky. And if you don’t, start lifting the claircognizance weights. I just know you’ll do great. 😉

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