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Be Your Own Personal Guru

People often refer to me as a guru. I know that in some cultures a guru is simply a teacher, and that’s lovely. But often a guru refers to someone who desires disciples, followers, fans, or sycophants, and that is definitely not me. I much prefer to be referred to as a teacher. There is no ego in what I teach. I teach what I know, what I’ve experienced, and what I believe. I do not expect anyone to agree with everything I teach. That would make no sense to me. We are all coming from a different perspective and have had different experiences, so there’s no way that I could possibly hold the truth of the world. Some of what I teach will resonate and some won’t.

We are all pieces in a larger puzzle. I may master my piece, and I can express my piece, but my piece is not the puzzle. Are you familiar with the parable of the elephant and the blind men? Each blind man was asked to touch a part of the elephant and describe what they experience. The first was touching the trunk, the second was touching the small tail, and the third was touching the leg. Then they argued about what an elephant was because each believed he knew the entirety of that elephant. If all you touch of the truth is just one part then that is all you can know. Since there is no way to touch all parts of Truth, all parts of Reality, we must do the best we can to gather as many pieces to the puzzle as we can find.

I suggest you become your own personal guru. And the best way to do that is to seek out teachers with whom you resonate. Listen to their piece of the puzzle, see where it makes sense to you, then put that piece in your bag. Seek another teacher, listen to their wisdom and experience, try it on for size, and put what resonates with you into your bag.

You must also trust in your own experiences. No one is having the exact same experiences you are having, so you too are a valuable piece to the puzzle of humanity. Respect that your piece is important and is of value to the whole. Share your experiences with others so that they may learn what you have to teach.

Use teachers as guides. Just as we look up to our parents to explain the world when we are young, we can look to teachers who have “been there, done that” to help us avoid pitfalls on the road of life, or to explain things we haven’t gotten much experience with yet. For example, I am happy to teach what I know about lucid dreaming because I am a master at it. I am happy to teach others how to use their intuition to assist others with their lives because I have a great deal of successful experience with it. I would not deign to teach someone how to cook or sew or decorate a home. I am no expert. Trust me on that.

Likewise, when you are immersed in the teachings of a particular person, if you do not agree with something they are expressing it doesn’t mean that the rest of their teachings are invaluable. Everything they teach must be tried on for size and compatibility (as time and interest warrant). I have had some people write to me that they love my articles on career and relationships but because I also write about “hokey” psychic phenomenon they simply cannot trust anything I write about careers and relationships. Do not throw the baby out with the bathwater. 😉

As you go along in life, put your trust in what you experience and what works for you, not just in what other people have experienced. Do not blindly trust, but do listen and explore what others are positing. You will find gems, and you will find coal. What resonates with you today may not resonate with you tomorrow. It’s perfectly okay to change your beliefs about reality.

Always keep an open mind. I love this quote:
“When you decide what is you close your mind to the possibilities of what may be.”

Constantly and consistently question, explore, and experience reality. Do not force your view on anyone. We are all working on different parts of the puzzle. Do not judge those who are touching a different part of the elephant. Let people have their truth as you want to be respected for having yours.

Follow no one but yourself. Be your own personal guru. Gather knowledge and wisdom from others, but do not give your power or freedom to the guru only interested in your loyalty. And for heaven’s sake, if someone offers you Kool-Aid don’t drink it. 😉

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