Do we astral project every time we sleep?

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This week’s question comes from Erin. The question is:
“Is it true that we astral project just a little every time we sleep? I’ve heard that we hover a few inches over our body after we fall asleep.”

And the answer is…

Here is a transcription of the video:

Welcome to another episode of “Ask Erin Pavlina.” Today’s question comes from a person named Erin. Her question is: “Is it true that we astral project just a little every time we sleep? I’ve heard that we hover a few inches over our body after we fall asleep.”

Well, yes and no. So, let’s talk about this. When you astral project, your astral self is leaving your physical, corporeal body and roaming around on the astral plane. If that’s happening to you, you are extremely aware that it’s happening. It’s not something that happens unconsciously. So, a true astral projection is when you leave your body and you maintain your awareness in your astral body while your physical body stays prone and asleep. So, that being said, however, what happens at night is your astral body becomes aware, it sort of wakes up, but it doesn’t necessarily leave your body. In that way, I could see why you’re asking “Does the astral body hover over the body while sleeping?” I can tell you that during the times that I have astral projected and gone to visit friends I can see their astral bodies moving out of phase with their physical bodies. So, usually I see a person’s head coming out of their physical head. So, I kind of see their incorporeal head here – their astral head – and their physical head just underneath them. And they usually look pretty shocked. I don’t know if that’s because they’re sensing my presence or that’s how it looks normally. I would have no way to tell, but I can tell you that the astral self does move out of phase a little bit from the physical body while we sleep. At least from what I have seen. This would make sense to me, because when we sleep our bodies are going into sort of a hibernation that allows our astral self – our astral body – to separate and explore if it wants to. If we want to. Always remember that you are attached to your corporeal body with your astral cord, which is what helps you get back into your body after you’ve been out for a while. You don’t want that to get severed . That’s the end of the show if that happens.

So, yes, I would say it’s true that every time you sleep your astral body becomes aware, that it is free to move around, but a true astral separation you would be very, very aware of. It would not be something that you’d forget. So I would say that yes, there is some astral activity every night when you sleep, but probably not a full separation. Good question.

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