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Can we have more than one life purpose?

Episode #10 of the Ask Erin Pavlina YouTube Series is now live:

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This week’s question comes from Diana. She asks:

“Can we have more than one life purpose?”

Here is the transcript of this episode:
Hello, and welcome to another episode of “Ask Erin Pavlina”.

Today’s question comes from Diana. Diana writes, “Can a person’s life purpose change over the course of a lifetime, or is there only one for each incarnation?”

This is an excellent question. How often do we ask ourselves, “What is my life purpose?” It’s one of the top questions people ask me during readings. After doing thousands of readings, I’ve seen a lot of life purposes, and I’ve seen a lot of the variations, and I can definitely help you with this question.

First let’s talk about what a life purpose really is. What is a life purpose? It’s the reason that you came here, it’s the reason that you incarnated, it’s the reason that you decided to come all the way back here, at a lower density, and experience life again. So hopefully, there was a purpose in it. What happens is, your higher self is who determines what kind of life you desire to have. Your higher self is the one that sets the intention for what kind of life you’re going to have. For example, does your higher self want to incarnate so that you can have an impact on the planet, or do you want to have a personal growth experience? In my experiences, I have seen that people generally fall into these two categories: Coming here to have an impact, to teach, or coming here simply to have a personal growth experience.

Both of these are very valid types of life paths, and there’s no right or wrong or good or bad about either one of them. When you come here with the specific intention to have an impact on the planet, which is generally what we see with the lightworkers, it’s usually so ingrained and coded into the spiritual DNA of your body, that you can’t help but follow that one life course throughout your life.

Now you may have different modalities and different ways of expressing that life purpose, and different ways of having an impact on the planet, but you will be pushed and have that sense of urgency and desire to make a difference in the world and to have some kind of impact. Maybe you’re trying to empower women, maybe you’re trying to help encourage other people, maybe you’re trying to bring love back to the planet. People who wanna make an impact come with some kind of design, and it’s really coded inside of them, so it really pushes their actions throughout their life. In that sense, I would say, you have one life purpose, which is to have an impact, but again, the choice of how you’re going to have that impact is up to you.

In the other case, I see people who incarnate simply to have a personal growth experience. There’s no pre-designed idea or intention about exactly what’s going to happen here. So you choose your parents, you incarnate, and you enjoy life. You’re receiving information from every experience you have. You have growth, and it’s great, and so you’re just tooling along through life, and having your personal growth experiences, and incorporating them into your wisdom.

Now what happens with these people I have seen is…sometimes, after they’ve been doing that for a long time, they can actually turn around and have an impact on the planet. So after you’ve been growing for years or decades, you may have learned so much that you’re actually ready for a new purpose in your life, which could be to have an impact, to help other people with life.

So basically, the answer to your question: The people who come here to have an impact from the get-go usually just have the one life purpose. The people who come here to have a personal growth experience will either continue to have that throughout their lives, or at some point, they will have grown so much, that they are now able to have an impact on the planet, based on the experiences they’ve had.

So, which category are you in? You’ll know-eh, you might know *laughs*. You might know, you may not know. Sometimes when I do readings for people, they can feel that sense of, “I came here to make a difference! I came here to have an impact!” and they’re usually right, I’ve really never read for somebody who thought they were here to have an impact, and they were wrong. I have read for people who thought they were here to have a personal growth experience, but had not realized that what they’ve already learned is enough to begin to have an impact on the planet. And that’s not something you wanna waste, because you’ve been here for decades. Why not make the best use of your time and kill two birds with one stone?

So, you can have more than one purpose, or you might just have one purpose, but the bottom line is to follow your heart, follow your heart’s desire, and do what you feel called to do. Good question.

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