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How can I get a deceased loved one to communicate with me?

How Can I Get a Deceased Loved One to Communicate with Me

Question: Will my deceased mother ever come to me for a visit? I need to know. How can I attract her to come? – Carmella

Answer: Having recently gone through the death of a very close friend, I can really sympathize and understand why having communication with a deceased loved one suddenly becomes a matter of great urgency.

I believe that most deceased people are trying to visit the loved ones they left behind. Sometimes they are literally standing right next to you and you can’t detect them. It’s frustrating for the dead to be so close and yet so far.

So I would say your mother is already visiting you, you’re just not detecting her. To improve your ability to detect a deceased presence, you can try one or all of these ideas.

1. Pay attention to dreams. Deceased people love to come through in dreams because your barriers are down and you’re more likely to let them in. If you can lucid dream, try connecting with them there.

2. Meditate. Meditation will help you raise your vibration which is like meeting them halfway. You’ll be more likely to detect the presence of a deceased person if your vibration is as high as possible. I’ve got a nifty meditation you can use to connect with a deceased loved on in my audio program Raising Your Vibration.

3. Channel. Sit quietly in their old bedroom, hold an object of theirs that is energetically charged. Clear your mind and focus on their energy. Daydream about them. After a few minutes you may feel their presence, or smell their favorite perfume, or hear them talking to you in your mind, or see them with your mind’s eye. Let it come. Don’t chase it.

4. Be patient. Sometimes your grief acts as a barrier for contact. So it may just be a little while until they can get through to you. Be patient but know they are there. Even famous mediums sometimes wait months or years to get contact. It took me 3-4 months before I heard from a deceased ex-boyfriend.

5. Talk to a medium. I recommend waiting at least 6 weeks before talking to a medium. But if you get a good one, it can be extremely comforting to hear from your deceased loved one so that you know they made it safely to the other side.

6. Ask others. Often it’s other people that end up getting communication from the other side even if they weren’t as energetically connected to them as you were. So ask your friends and family if they are getting communication. Even if you long for contact yourself, it should still be comforting to hear from others that your loved one is okay and still thinking about you.

P.S. Read my ebook, The Other Side, for tons of information about what happens when we die.

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