Will I see a loved one on the other side if they’ve already reincarnated?

Question: My question is what happens if someone to whom you were very close chooses to incarnate before you die. Will they still be able to greet you on the other side? – Jennifer

Answer: Most of the time a person does not choose to reincarnate so quickly. I often hear of people who say, “My grandmother died last week and then my niece was born and we’re pretty sure it’s grandma!” Uh no. Highly doubtful. Most souls do not reincarnate to the same family or that quickly either. So chances are excellent that anyone you knew in this life will be waiting and available for you when you cross over.

However, I believe that even if someone has reincarnated before you cross over, you can still reconnect with their higher self, who is always in the ether, anchoring their “player” who goes back to earth for another round of death and taxes.

You will see your loved ones again when you die.

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