How do you stay grounded while doing intuitive work?

Question: I am an empath and I often pick up energies from other people which makes me feel very tired and ungrounded. To feel more grounded I often overeat which causes even more problems. Please, share some tips on how you manage to stay grounded while spending so much time doing intuitive work. – Mila

Answer: There are so many empaths out there, and I hope they are all reading this answer because I see this with so many people and it’s very unnecessary to be drained and resort to self destructive behaviors.

First, when you are an empath, you are able to pick up on the feelings, energy, and sometimes thoughts of people you encounter. But that ability comes with a price. If you’re not careful, you could suck other people’s energy into your own field, be negatively affected by it, and suffer unnecessarily.

This used to happen to me as well, but now it doesn’t. What’s my big secret? I only open myself up when I’m working. I only open up my energy when I’m reading for a client. I’ve learned to close down my connection when I’m not actively trying to read for someone.

This means I draw in my chakras instead of letting them run loose all willy nilly. I used to pick up people’s “stuff” while grocery shopping or at the mall or at family gatherings. It was draining! Now I turn it off when I’m in those situations, and I only turn it back on when I’m actually counseling someone.

I always maintain a connection to my own guides, which is not the least bit draining, so there is no worry that you will lose your intuition when you shut down. But if you can learn to draw in your energy, you will not feel drained.

If your chakras are too open they act like a magnet, so as you walk past someone or interact with them in some way, you will suck some of their energy into your field. If they are in a low vibrational state, guess what? You’ve got yourself a case of energetic gonorrhea! 😉 It’s hard to get rid of! You have to raise your vibration immediately to slough off their energy. Instead, I say, wear your energetic condom so you can avoid the burn in the first place.

Bottom line, guard your energy! You’re overeating in an attempt to soothe yourself and raise your vibration. Instead, try singing, dancing, a hot bath, a phone call with a friend, or some fresh squeezed apple-carrot juice.

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