What is the most powerful being that exists on the astral plane?

Question: What is the most powerful being that exists on the astral plane, and is it harmful or dangerous to be around? – Kurtis

Answer: Wow, now that’s a question!

The most powerful low vibrational being on the astral plane should definitely be avoided as it is definitely harmful and dangerous. I have encountered some major players on the astral plane that are downright nasty and will suck your energy dry leaving you a sad withered husk of your former glorious self! You definitely want to avoid those dudes. I have to imagine if I ever met the most powerful nasty on the astral plane I wouldn’t be here to talk about it. 😉

The most powerful high vibrational being on the astral plane, on the other hand, is likely an archangel. Interacting with them would be awesome, but some of them are really busy guarding the portal to our dimension and keeping us from ripping apart at the seams so, you know, I wouldn’t ask them if they want to play canasta or anything. Let them do their thing.

Think of the astral plane like the ocean. If you want to dip your toes in the shallow water, you’ll likely encounter some pretty fish and maybe something icky like a jellyfish who might sting you, but you’ll recover. The deeper you go, the more protection I hope you have. Getting swallowed whole is no fun, or so I hear.

Be careful out there, young man. But if you get into trouble, call the Coast Guard, aka the archangels! They’ll bail your butt out of trouble.

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