How many times can you incarnate?

Today begins a series of quick answers to quick questions. I’ve received hundreds of Ask Erin questions in the last few months and decided to just start answering them one per day until I tire of this sport or run out of questions. Enjoy!

Question: How many times can you incarnate? Could you incarnate like 200 times if you wanted to? – Donatas

Answer: You can incarnate as many times as you want. Incarnation is a choice. You get to decide if, when, and to whom you incarnate.

Right now you might be thinking, “Well then there’s no way I’m ever coming back here. Earth sucks!” But what you must remember is that you are like a character in a game, and you are immersed in the game, and while your character may be experiencing discomfort on its journey, you the player are totally intact and fine.

Once you leave Earth you regain your perspective, and you see things for what they really are, and you realize how fun the game is even when you’re drenched by the rain and stuck in the mud. So you’re going to have to wait until you get back to home base because only then will you be able to determine if coming back here is right or wrong for you.

For the advanced students: What will really bake your noodle is that while we perceive time here as linear, once you get to the other side you will see that time does not have the same meaning. It’s possible you are living all your lives (current, past, and future) at the same time. I wouldn’t worry about it right now though. Live the life you’ve got in the best way that you can. Honor this life. Honor your purpose. There is time enough to think about reincarnation later.

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