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Should I communicate with a negative presence in my friend’s home?

Question: What is the best way to approach strong psychic energy/entities in a person’s home or workplace, where walking outside isn’t an option? Particularly if some of the energy is negative and difficult to ‘tune out’ so to speak. Would it be beneficial to attempt to communicate with the entities to see if they have a story that needs to be told, or is it best to keep one’s vibrations high and kind of tune it out? – Michelle

Answer: Unless you are strong and practiced at psychic self defense, you should not open yourself up to a negative entity to communicate with it. It’s very dangerous. As soon as you tune in, the entity is going to “push” its energy onto you. If you’re not ready for it you could become influenced or possessed. If it’s a demon, you’re going to be in serious trouble. If it’s a low vibrational entity, you’re most likely going to need help shaking it off.

If you encounter a negative, low vibrational presence in someone’s home, ask it to go away, but without opening yourself up to hearing its story. Tell it that it must go, that it is not welcome, and that it should never come back. If it’s a demon, that may not be enough and you may need assistance from professionals who handle that sort of thing. But 99% of the time, it’s not a demon, it’s a ghost or a low vibrational entity from the astral plane.

Keeping your vibration high is critical when you’re around a negative presence.

If you are a medium or a psychic you could attempt to communicate with the entity but only if you have learned how to shield yourself while you do it. I have been in situations where I allow an entity to tell me its tale without warming up to it and letting it come inside for tea and cookies. 😉

But as a cautionary tale, if you read the story of my paranormal investigation at the Amargosa Hotel, you’ll see how I ended up getting influenced by a low vibrational entity and how it really caught me by surprise. I was too tired, and too “nice” to it and it tried to get me to hurt my friends.

You may also want to ask yourself why there is a negative presence in your friend’s home and work with your friend to remove it.

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