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Why don’t lightworkers engage in social justice issues?

Question: What is the role of intuitives, psychics, energy healers, etc. vis-a-vis social justice? I have noticed that many so-called lightworkers do not engage in issues related to the social, political, and economic challenges of our time. Instead, they seem to focus either on the personal problems and agendas of individual clients, or zoom out to a cosmic beyond-time level that many of us are not familiar with and can’t relate to in the context of our everyday lives. Why do I so rarely hear people such as yourself talking about the issues of the day? – Luna

Answer: This is a great question and I’m glad you asked it.

While it may seem as if lightworkers are not engaging in social issues, the opposite is actually true. While everyone else is out there fighting, arguing, debating, pushing, warring, and creating conflict, a true lightworker knows that the way to change our planet is to hold the vibration of what we want: peace, love, compassion, kindness, gratitude, and joy. While everyone else is sinking down into the mud to fight about things, the lightworkers are cleverly keeping their vibration high.

And do you know what that does? It changes the world from within. One person at a time. That may seem slow, but it is the only way. And there are many lightworkers affecting many people. Oh you won’t hear about them on the news. “Today in the mall someone cast love at 80 people.” You only hear of the violence, “Today in the mall someone opened fire and killed 10 people.”

If lightworkers focus on the negative, if they allow themselves to become upset, angry or fearful, then the other side wins. The dark takes over. We cannot change our problems with the same thinking or actions that caused them. We must rise above. It may sound airy fairy to some, but that’s okay. For every man out there with a rifle and a vendetta, there are 10 lightworkers casting love at people in the mall, the grocery store, on a blog, at a conference, or a family event.

We are not turning a blind eye. Not remotely. We are well aware of the fear, greed, control, and anger. We are well aware of the needless deaths, the irresponsible acts, the horror and violence. We hold our light anyway. We are being in the world what we want to see in the world. We are speaking, not always with our voices, but with our vibration. We are keeping our candle lit, sheltered from the winds of violence snuffing it out.

And we are many and growing every day.

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