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What do the strange lights in my room at night mean?

Question: What does it mean when you see strange lights or symbols in your room after a dream? Is that paranormal or spiritual or just my imagination? – Karise

Answer: If I had a dime for every strange symbol I saw on my walls, I’d have … a dollar. 😉

I’ve had many experiences where I’ve seen something going on in my room after I wake up. Sometimes it’s a carryover from a dream experience I’ve just had, and sometimes it seems to be its own distinct disturbance.

It can be hard to tell where it’s coming from or what it means, but when it happens to me, I tend to not worry too much about the source and simply try to figure out if there’s a message and if it’s meaningful or not.

Sometimes I have determined it’s just a carryover from a dream and of no real consequence. But sometimes I have determined that it’s a message with great meaning.

Unfortunately there’s not much you can do except try to fathom the meaning of the message. Use your intuition to figure out why you’re seeing what you’re seeing. Does it feel dangerous? Conscious? Is it something that needs interpretation like a dream? Is it connected to something going on in your life? Is it contact from the other side? Is it a demonic threat?

In order to help you properly, I’d need to know what you were dreaming before it happened, your level of consciousness in the dream, who else or what else was in the dream with you, how many times you’ve had the experience, and whether your dream also contained these lights and symbols.

When I’m confused about something that’s happening to me I tell the universe, my guides, or the entity behind the phenomenon to find another way to get me the message. Usually they can.

Good luck!

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