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Did my deceased friend come to visit me in my dream or not?

Did My Deceased Friend Come to Visit me in my Dream or Not

Question: I dreamed about my boyfriend’s deceased brother the other night. It felt so real. How can I tell if he was really there or if it was just a dream? – Emily

Answer: Sometimes a dream is just a dream and sometimes dreaming of a deceased loved one is actual communication. There are three ways to tell if it’s a real visitation.

The deceased person appears in front of you or you pick up a ringing phone and they are on the line. If instead you’re dreaming they are surfing or in chemistry class with you, probably just a dream. When dead people want to communicate, they forgo the frippery of dream symbolism and just appear to talk.

You realize during the dream that you are dreaming AND that the person in front of you is dead. If you find yourself saying, “Wait aren’t you dead?” it’s probably a true visitation. If instead you’re in chemistry class with them and you’re arguing over a test, it’s probably a dream.

The dream feels intensely lucid, real, and you have conscious thought while you are talking to them. When you wake up if you swear they were really there and that you were really talking to them, it was probably a visitation. If you’re able to direct questions to them and have real conversations about current events in your life, it’s probably a visitation. If instead you wake up and remember you were dreaming about them in chemistry class and thought it was neat what they did to that beaker, probably a dream.

Bottom line, if it feels like you’re really talking to them, if it feels like they’re really there, and if you remember they are dead during the dream, it’s most likely a visitation.

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