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How can I get new spirit guides?

Question: I had a consultation with you, in which you mentioned requesting new spirit guides in your life. How does one go about doing that? I looked all over the net but could not find any resources concerning this. – Jesse

Answer: I’ve done readings for people where their guides were pushing them pretty hard on a certain path, often leaving no time or energy for relationships or other things my client wanted in his or her life. As such, these guides were not nudging, plotting, or planning for my client to have a relationship, even though it was something my client dearly desired. In this case, I suggested to my client to bring in new guides who were on board with their plan. You can do this. But before you ask for new guides, make sure you know why your current guides are pushing or blocking.

You know that saying, “Before you tear down a fence find out why it was put up in the first place?” Same thing applies here. In the cases with my clients who had the snorty guides, their life purpose hinged greatly on their career path. So the guides were pretty pushy.

However, because of free will, we have the right to go down any path we desire, even if it’s destructive, and even if it’s against the design of our higher self. You just must accept the consequences of your actions. If you came here to be a world class quantum physicist who is going to discover something amazing and you derail yourself because you want love instead, then when you get back to the ether you’re probably going to kick yourself.

Now, now, that’s not to say a world class physicist can’t have love. But I’ve read for people who literally came here to accomplish something that will help the planet and a relationship really WILL derail them. Their guides know that, so their guides are not pushing in the direction of love.

The bottom line is if you want something in your life that you aren’t attracting, sometimes you can ask for a specific guide to come in and help you with that. It doesn’t mean firing your current guides. I wouldn’t do that unless it’s a dire situation. Ask the universe to bring you a guide whose job it is to bring you love. And see what happens.

Just do it while meditating, or speak it out loud at night before you go to bed. “Dear Universe, I want love in my life. Will you please assign me a guide who will help me find it. Thank you! You’re awesome. I love you. Goodnight.”

P.S. Don’t even try asking for Lottery Guides. No such thing. But you can ask for a guide to help you with your abundance or financial flow.

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