What do spirits do all day in the ether?

Question: What do spirits do all day? Do they eat, drink, sleep, play games, hang out with loved ones? -Katie

Answer: On the other side there are no days, and we don’t have bodies, so definitely no eating, drinking, sleeping, or playing the harp. 😉

Spirits on the other side do many things. They do “hang out” with other spirits they know. They commune with each other, share information, ideas, and philosophy.

Some spirits become spirit guides, so they actively work to help guide incarnated souls on their journeys.

Some spirits continue their “studies” on the other side, going to a sort of “school” as it would seem to us.

Spirits experience; anything and everything they want to. They travel the cosmos and meet other beings.

Some spirits help other spirits cross over. Some assist in the Akashic Records.

On the other side, we are energy, not matter, but we retain our consciousness. We look in on our loved ones, we plan our next life, and share our energy with others. It’s unlike our lives here in many ways, but it should be interesting for sure.

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