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The Erin Pavlina Forum Will Be Shutting Down

Hey everyone, just a quick announcement. Steve has decided to shut down the Personal Development for Smart People forums in the next few days. He’s currently giving people time to say their goodbyes, download threads they’re interested in, and exchange contact information. For his blog article on why he’s shutting down the forums, see Shutting Down the Forums

The reason I’m mentioning this is because my sub-forum there will also be shut down. If you didn’t know already, I’ve had a forum there for a while where people could go to discuss my blog articles. Each time I generated a blog article, the forum system would automatically create a topic on the Erin Pavlina forum over there.

So where should you go to discuss my articles now?

I’m going to enable comments on my blog, probably January 1. I’ll probably have to moderate them to prevent a wall of spam, so when you comment please be patient as I will get to approving them as soon as I can.

Also, every time I post an article I generate a link to it on Facebook and most of the time people go there to discuss it. So if you haven’t friended me on Facebook, please do.

I enjoy hearing from my readers. If you’ve been one of my friends on Facebook for a while you’ll know how fun it is over there. So if you’re new, come on out and join the party. Peace!

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