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Welcome to the new and improved website! Woo hoo! I’ve been wanting to get it redesigned for probably 3 years and finally just made it a top priority and got it done.

It might take a little getting used to, but I think you’ll find it much easier to navigate this site. Everything is fresh and clean, and not crowded with tons of links.

One thing I do want to bring to your attention is the News from Sign up now to receive updates and you’ll receive two free bonuses instantly.

The first bonus is a short little ebook that will teach you 5 Ways to Get Spiritual Guidance Every Day.

The second bonus is a meditation you can use to receive Daily Messages from your guides. I use this exact method when I want to communicate with my guides to find out what they’re trying to bring to my attention.

If you’re already signed up to my newsletter, you don’t have to sign up again as you should have received a link in the email that went out a few hours ago. If you’re not already signed up, just use the form on the upper right of the site or at the end of this article.

Another new thing you’ll notice is that I’m now offering intuitive coaching. That’s ongoing intuitive guidance as opposed to when you book a reading with me, which is a one-time experience. I am excited to offer this service to a small number of people who are ready to take decisive action to make their lives better, and would like assistance, guidance, and encouragement along the way to stay on track.

You’ll also notice a link for classes! That’s new too. My new focus is going to be all about teaching, sharing, educating, and training. I’m planning teleseminars, remote trainings, online classes, and events. I realize my audience is international and I want to leverage technology to reach more people. Right now the only event planned is my Intuition Development Workshop which is in Las Vegas this October 6-7. But soon after that, I’ll be posting new options that will be available to everyone right at their own computer. Be sure to sign up for the updates so you know when those are happening.

I’m still offering readings too. To date I’ve worked with more than 2500 clients worldwide. So if you have questions about your path or you want to know how to get out of a rut or off the treadmill of life, book a reading and I and your guides will get you moving onward lickety split.

Thank you for reading the site and following my work. The best is yet to come, and I appreciate your support!

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