Is it possible to become a spirit guide?

Question: Is it possible to become a spirit guide? – Noah

Answer: Spirit guides are non-corporeal entities who have agreed to assist one or more people who have incarnated. The job of a guide is to nudge here and there, inspire, and support human beings as they navigate the maze of life. Spirit guides are selected because of their ability to do this work effectively.

Some spirit guides have had human incarnations, some haven’t. Some guides are more ascended than others.

So is it possible to become a spirit guide? Yes. When you cross over and land on the other side you may be tapped to become a guide for another. It’s an important duty. Just like any job, the more qualified you are to guide, the more likely you will be “hired” by someone’s higher self to be a guide.

On a slightly related note, you could even be tapped to be someone’s guide here on Earth while YOU are still in human form. For more information on that, read this article: Spirit Guides at Starbucks

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