Wrong path or just a bump in the road?

How can I tell if a negative event is a sign that I’m on the wrong path or just a bump in the road on the right path? – Beth

Great question Beth, and it’s an important distinction to make because you don’t want to ignore important signs that you’re on the wrong path, while at the same time you don’t want to give up on a dream if something negative happens.

When a negative event happens that seems to slow you down from achieving your goals you have to stop, take stock, and check in to make sure you’re still on the right path. The way you do this is simple. Think about the path you’re on and the goal you’re trying to achieve. Does the goal still excite you? What happens in your body when you think of the goal? Do you feel energized or deflated? Do you feel desire and wanting, or do you feel drudgery, obligation, or annoyance?

If you’re still excited, and you still feel desire and wanting of this goal or this path, then you are still on the right path and the negative event was just a bump. Take a look at what happened, however, and see if your guides are trying to get you to adjust your trajectory. Sometimes accidents happen and it’s not your guides trying to warn you. So you really need to look at the negative event and figure out if you’re being asked to alter course or if it’s just some turbulence on the road to your goal.

If you tuned in and felt obligation or drudgery, and you no longer feel excited about your goal, then it’s quite possible the negative event was designed to encourage you to see that. Being persistent and persevering are great if you’re still on a desired path, and overcoming obstacles is part of the deal. But if you don’t even want to get where you’re going then your guides are going to throw all kinds of events in your path to get you to stop.

The right road will have bumps; it won’t always be smooth. Check in with your body and your thoughts, and you’ll know if the path is still right for you or wrong. The hard part is admitting you don’t want the goal you thought you did, but the sooner you can see the truth, the sooner you will get to a path that is right for you.

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