Intuition and Lost Items

lost-itemsIt was a typical Friday morning in the Pavlina household. My 13 year old daughter, Emily, was running around the house trying to find her phone. “Mom, where’s my phone?!?!”

“Where did you last see it?” I replied. It was my standard response to “Mom, where’s my …?” questions.

“In my boot,” she said.

“Check there,” I said.

“Ugh, Mom, don’t you think I already checked there? It’s not there. I don’t know where it is.”

“You may have to go to school without it,” I suggested. You’d think I told her she’d have to go to school wearing a bag over her head.

“Are you crazy?!?! I need my phone, help me find it, please!”

I sighed and we began tearing the house up looking for the phone. We tried calling her phone but it was on silent and nary a vibration nor a sound did we hear.

After 20 minutes of searching every single place we could logically think of, I told her we’d be late if we didn’t leave immediately. Then she said, “Ask my guides where my phone is. They must know where it is because they watch me all the time right?”

So I did what I probably should have done from the beginning. I stopping thinking and tuned in instead.

Now I’ve written about how to find lost items using psychic abilities before. I wrote that article because the number of emails I get from people asking me to find their lost diamond engagement rings, iPods, or their lost retainers is ridiculously high. You CAN find lost items yourself using psychic abilities, and that article tells you how to do it.

But now, on this chilly Friday morning, I would have to see if it worked for me too.

I tuned in. I erased the mental map I had of my house and threw logic out the door. I said to the ether, “Where is her phone?”

I’ll try to describe what happened next but it’s difficult if you’re not an oft-dwelling denizen of my mind. A mental map of my house appeared, not with walls, just areas. And every area except one became grey, cold and elusive. One area of the house became hot, sharp, and target-locked. My office.

So I said without hesitation, “It’s in the office.”

She seemed doubtful because we had checked there several times. I was doubtful myself, but that’s what I felt, what I knew, what I saw.

She disappeared into the office and after 10 seconds I heard her proclaim, “I found it!!”

“Oh my gosh, where was it?” I asked.

She said, “Under a bunch of black cables and wires. I couldn’t see it before.”

The darn phone’s developed camouflage capabilities! I could almost hear the phone say, “Darnit, they found me. Please don’t make me go back into that child’s boot. For the love of all that’s holy…”

She came bouncing down the stairs, finally ready to go to school. And she said, “Wow, you really ARE psychic.”

Yes indeed. But you know what? This will work for you too.

Sometimes logic isn’t enough. Using logic, we tried retracing her steps, but her memory broke down at some point and she couldn’t remember where she had it last.

But intuition sees all, it’s just a matter of knowing how to tune in, not letting fear and doubt get into the mix, and avoiding logic even when it seems illogical to do so.

Intuition can find your lost items. We used intuition to find our missing turtle at one point as well. Don’t doubt the power of receiving information from the ether, your guides, the universe. It’s right there for you when you need it.

Does it work every time? It probably won’t. But the more you practice with it, the more success you’re going to have.

The next time you’re looking for something you’ve lost, try using your intuition to find it. It can’t hurt right? And it can save you a ton of grief, especially if you own a teenager and she’s without her blessed phone. 😉

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