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How Can You Be Sure of the Path?

One of my readers on Facebook asked me the following question last week:

“When you know what you want to do, how do you move from knowledge to action? Even though the path feels totally right, how can you be sure?”

As long as you are excited by the path, as long as the path continues to pull you happily along, as long as you continue to make progress on the path, you can be sure that you are on the right path.

While there is no guarantee of success in any of life’s endeavors, excitement and that sense of it feeling totally right, are signs from your higher self and your spirit guides that the path is important, has merit, and will fulfill you.

When the path feels wrong, it means you’ve taken a misstep. Stand still, take stock, and figure out how to get back on the path. You may need to back up a step. You’ll know you’ve rediscovered the path when the excitement builds up again.

If you can jump right to taking action on the new path, do so. If you need to make preparations first, make preparations. The path will wait for you. It’s okay to make logical preparations, which can help ensure a smooth sail on the new path.

For example, if this new path involves a career change, you may need to make sure you’ve got enough education, finances, and skills in order to make the leap. That’s alright. Do what’s necessary to get walking on your new path. If you can leave your current job right now and start a new one, do it. If you can’t, don’t sweat the wait. Use the time to build up momentum like a race car driver revving his engine at the starting line. When the starting gun goes off, you’ll rocket out of the gate.

But you’re asking the right question. Excitement is the best clue you can get. No one can guarantee success, but your excitement is the gas in the tank. Follow your bliss.

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