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The Line Up: A medium’s experience on the astral plane

I’m in the process of writing a complete guidebook on how to astral project safely and effectively. I’m totally immersed in the writing, and as you can imagine, I’m eating, sleeping, and thinking about astral projection a lot.

From ages 15 to 18, I used to astral project on average 3-4 times per week. I was a total master of the ability. It was second nature to me. As I grew older, I set aside my astral traveling as I got more focused on college, then marriage, family, and career. After projecting an estimated one thousand times in my youth, it was no longer a priority and it didn’t command my attention anymore. I’d still project upon occasion, but not more than a half dozen times a year.

Nowadays I spend my nights lucid dreaming instead of projecting. And I spend my days doing intuitive readings for people all over the world, including often connecting with people’s deceased relatives during readings.

And now you have the background to understand the experience that happened to me last Sunday. It was Mother’s Day, and my son got up early because he wanted to make me breakfast in bed. After I ate, I decided to go back to sleep, something I can never do during my busy work week raising two kids by myself. But it was Mother’s Day and no one needed me for anything, so I decided to treat myself.

I laid down and fell asleep within just a few minutes. Ah, the peace, the luxury, the gift!

But peace was not to be mine. I’m not sure how long I was asleep before I woke up in the state of sleep paralysis, which is a precursor to astral projection. Awesome! I thought to myself. I’m going to take this opportunity to astral project and go have some fun.

I initiated the separation which includes an intense tingling sensation within my body. Once I had my astral body “activated” I was ready to move out and go enjoy a nice trip. But as soon as I separated I came face to face with a group of maybe a dozen beings that were standing by my bed.

They were not negative low vibration beings. They were people. Dead people. Their spirits were literally lined up around me. I’d never experienced this before. In the past when I encountered other beings, they were either negative entities or they were high vibrational guides. These were humans who had once lived.

Before I knew what was happening, one of them made contact with me. I was catapulted into his story. He showed me that he had taken his young daughter hunting with him. She looked about 7 or 8 years old. It was her first trip. Long story short, she accidentally shot him and he died. The girl was devastated and grew up with tremendous shame, guilt, and sadness. His message to his daughter was one of profound forgiveness, and he was desperate for me to find her in life and tell her that he does not hold anything against her, and that he is sorry he couldn’t be there for her growing up. I was touched by his love for his daughter, and the urgency with which he was wanting me to find her.

During readings, I have contact just like this during readings. Dead people with urgent messages will come forward and relay messages through me to their loved ones. But I’d never experienced this direct contact before. On their turf. In their realm. As an energetic spirit like them.

I pulled away from the spirit, and another one jumped in with his story. He was in a situation where his wife thought he’d ran off on her and the kids, when in actuality he drowned and his body was never found. He was desperate for her to know he hadn’t left her, but had died accidentally. It was heartbreaking.

As I pulled away from this guy, I put some space between me and the other spirits lined up to “speak” with me. I knew that if I stayed there, they would all want their turn to tell me their story. It’s not that I didn’t want to hear their stories, it was just that I was overwhelmed with their energy and I needed to regroup and get some distance.

I put myself back in my body and got up out of bed. I wondered whether there are always spirits around me trying to get messages to their families, or if they were attracted by me going astral and swarmed me like moths to a flame.

It has occurred to me that perhaps I could tune in to them even when I’m not officially reading for someone, just to get their stories and see if I can find their loved ones. It’s probably more time and effort than it’s worth, but if the opportunity arises again, I might just take it.

And the next time I project, I’ll be ready for the line up.

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