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Do Evil People Have Spirit Guides Too?

If spirit guides are guiding our path and trying to help us have a fantastic life, then what’s going on with the spirit guides of people who do bad things ? Do murderers, rapists, and thieves have spirit guides? Do they have evil guides who are guiding them to do these horrible things? Or do their guides leave them when they see the human committing atrocities?

It’s easy to wonder about. If guides are guiding us, then why would they guide someone to commit murder?

The answer to all of these questions lies in understanding a little bit more about what guides are, what they aren’t, how we receive guidance, and what guides are able to do.

First, everyone has spirit guides. You’re born with guides, and you go to your grave with guides. So yes, even Hitler had spirit guides.

Second, guides don’t guide people to hurt others. Your guides are there to help you achieve the intention your higher self set up for you before you were born. Your higher self decided to incarnate for a reason, and your guides are in charge of helping you find opportunities to achieve some of your goals. Nobody incarnates with the intention to deliberately hurt people.

Third, free will trumps everything. Once you are here, you get to decide what you do and to whom. If you decide to murder someone, that’s your choice. If you decide to hurt someone or steal from someone, that’s a choice. Are your guides sitting there applauding these actions? Hell no. Like any counselor they’re going to be urging you to change your ways and do something productive instead of something destructive. But they don’t control or own you, so their hands are tied if you decide to pull a Hitler.

Fourth, often your guides are desperately trying to get your attention and you’re simply not hearing them. You miss their signs, signals, synchronicities. Or you misinterpret the intuition you’re receiving. The better you are at tuning in to your intuition, the better you will know which direction to go in the maze of your life.

Your guides have the master plan in their hot little hands. They know what will make you happy and fulfilled, and they use their energy and abilities to lay down the crumbs for you to follow. But they don’t control you. Every decision you make bears consequences. If you decide to ignore your higher self, guides, and intuition, and especially if you decide that the best way to reach your goals is to hurt other people, you’re not going to have a very good life. But you still have the right to make your own choices.

When someone is off path, guides work extra hard to get their attention. Family will come along and urge you to stop what you’re doing. Police will come along and arrest you in an attempt to make you stop. Maybe your friends hold an intervention. Maybe your gut tells you that you’re a bad person but you don’t know how to stop. Maybe you even feel all your actions are justified.

Just like a concerned parent who tries to stop their child from a path of self-destruction, there is only so much your guides can do. Learning to listen to them at an early age can prevent a lot of unhappiness. Imagine what might have happened if Hitler had listened to his guides.

The bottom line is that everyone has guides who are trying to guide them. It’s up to us to listen.

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