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Moving My Facebook Page

Last week I decided to create a fan page on Facebook and began the Herculean task of moving thousands of people from my personal Facebook page over to the new fan page. I want to explain why I decided to do that now, and also invite you to move to the new page and explain how to do that.

When I first started my Facebook personal page, I added everyone who wanted to be added. Friends, family, my readers and supporters. All was well. A couple of months ago I reached the Facebook limit of 5,000 “friends” and couldn’t add any more new people. So the overflow became subscribers and I just kept going.

A lot of people suggested I create a fan page which doesn’t suffer from that 5,000 person limit. I was kind of loathe to do that because it felt like it might become impersonal, and I didn’t want to manage another page.

But recently some things happened that made me realize that creating a new place for us to meet on Facebook was probably for the best.

For one, it’s a lot safer for my children. Some people approached my daughter inappropriately, making sexual advances that were wildly inappropriate. On the new page, I won’t be posting photos of the kids. I will still talk about them periodically, but I’ll be a lot more careful.

For another, I discovered that a “fan” page comes with some statistics I can use to determine my reach. I thought that was kind of cool.

And I want to use the new fan page to allow myself to go even deeper into my work, do some channeling from the guides, and talk about things that my personal friends and family just aren’t into. There were some conflicts brewing between the disparate members on the personal page and I realized that I was muting what I wanted to post in an attempt to keep everyone happy.

So the new fan page is where you should go if you want to follow my work. If you’ve been a Facebook friend, you’ll know that I sometimes offer free readings, or do live Q&A randomly on the Facebook wall. This year I also conducted a mini live career workshop on Facebook. I’m going to do a lot more of that, and it’s all free.

I’ll keep the personal page for just close family and friends, and my search and rescue team.

So here’s what you need to do right now if you want to stay connected with me on Facebook and take advantage of all the freebies you’ll get if you do.

1. Go to and click “like”

2. Select “Get notifications” or “Show in Newsfeed” from that “like” menu so you can be sure my posts show up in your feed (or reasonably certain).

3. If you’re currently a “friend” on the personal page, please go unfriend that page. I’ll be manually unfriending people in the coming weeks but it will save me a ton of time if each person could do that themselves.

If you go do this right now, there is a little something in it for you. Tomorrow, Tuesday, July 30, 2013, I am going to randomly select someone from the new page to receive a free email reading with me. It could be you! But you have to be listed on the page to be eligible.

And who knows, I might do another drawing in a week’s time. We’ll see.

I sincerely appreciate your support of my work. I absolutely love this work that I’m doing, and I couldn’t do it without your interest and support. There are some fantastic things coming down the pike, and I can get to them sooner once this little migration takes place.

So take a moment to go to Facebook and like the new page. I love and appreciate you!

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