Is My Deceased Loved One Okay?

The number one question people ask me during mediumship readings is whether their deceased loved one is okay on the other side. “Is he alright? Did he make it? Is he safe? Is he comfortable? Is he happy?”

There are very few situations in which your loved one may not be alright. I want to go over the various ways of dying and the effect it has on a person’s state when they cross over.

Most people who suicide feel regret when they get to the other side. This is because from their new perspective they can see all the options they had; options they could not see when they were alive. But they are not in Hell, they are not being tortured, and they are not still depressed the way they were while alive.

When a person suicides, they are welcomed and embraced on the other side. Not only do their loved ones greet them, but angels are beside them, helping them slough off any mental or emotional impairment they may have carried while alive.

When you cross over, you remember a lot of what you can’t remember now. You remember that you’re a divine being who is loved unconditionally. It is very easy to release the turmoil you carried while incarnated. Most people who suicide forgive themselves easily. With some others, there may be a time of healing before fully crossing over and releasing their hold on this life. But even those in turmoil are cared for compassionately and well, and they are safe on the other side.

If you’ve lost a loved one to suicide, chances are excellent they are communicating with you and asking for forgiveness for leaving early. You can help their healing process by working on forgiveness and understanding, and eventually, acceptance.

In most cases, a person who suicides then turns around and assists those he or she left behind. So you’ve probably got your own personal “angel” working on your behalf to repair the rip in the tapestry that their leaving caused.

When a person dies unexpectedly, sometimes there is a short period of time where they have to come to terms and accept the fact that they’re done living. In some accident victims I’ve seen their spirit linger for a few days to a few weeks, anxiously trying to get messages to their loved ones, eager to tie up loose ends.

During mediumship readings with accident victims, they usually want to let the living know that they’re okay and discuss the loose ends to get some closure with you and for them.

Some accident victims may linger for a bit on this plane, but they do eventually cross over fully and completely. They are not in any discomfort while they linger. When you lose someone unexpectedly, sometimes some closure is needed in order to move on. A good medium can help you communicate with your deceased loved one, and pave the way for healing to happen.

But rest assured, these spirits are not suffering in any way.

When someone is murdered, they usually cross over just fine, though I have seen some people hang around a bit waiting for justice to be served. Not all spirits actually care about seeing their murderer punished. I know that may not make sense to some people, but usually the murder victim is more concerned with their families than their killers.

If your loved one was actually the one who murdered someone and then died themselves, you can expect they are going through a major process of understanding, forgiving, and healing. And they too will seek understanding and forgiveness from those they left behind. Murderers can cross over without fear of judgment. That doesn’t mean there won’t be repercussions of their actions, but even spirits who have committed atrocities are still part of the collective unconditionally loving universe.

Natural Causes
Those who cross naturally, such as those who pass from illness, injury, or old age, tend to be the most at peace when they cross. Often they’ve had the opportunity to say goodbye or tie up loose ends. Though they may have suffered physically while they were here, they are perfectly intact on the other side.

When Children Die
Nothing is worse than losing a child, but I want you to remember that although they were a child when they passed, this is actually a fully grown spirit who was being housed in your child’s body. After they are greeted on the other side and helped emotionally, they are not young, helpless, spirits. They remember who they really are, they merge back with their higher self, and they are just as fine as anyone.

They may have been in a child’s body, but when they died, they were no longer a child. I know that’s a hard concept to grasp because they’ll always be your baby, but when you think about it, you’ll understand the truth. There aren’t baby spirits running around in the ether being cared for by mommy and daddy spirits. On the other side we are all “adults.”

Losing a loved one is never easy. The pain, the loss, the heartache lingers for a long time. But do not be troubled by the status of your loved one. They are probably in better condition than you are. In fact most times when I connect with a deceased loved one, they are the ones wanting to make sure the living are okay.

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